Why Seek Digital Solutions & Services from Brainium Infotech?

Why Seek Digital Solutions & Services from Brainium Infotech?
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Why Seek Digital Solutions & Services from Brainium Infotech?

Owning and running a business in this day and age demands one to keep up with the latest trends to stay one step ahead of the competition. Goes without saying that it is no piece of cake! However, what’s more, the challenge is to make sure the business thrives, maintaining a steady stream of revenue. While that can be considered as a flipside of operating a commercial establishment, the ongoing digital disruption across industries has equalized opportunities for all businesses, small and big alike.

Let’s make it simpler for you! We know that profit generation hinges majorly on marketing the services and products. That way, more people know about the brand, which automatically boosts sales. Digitally speaking, every business has multiple avenues at their disposal to get the right marketing boost, such as:

  • Designing and developing a company website
  • Developing a mobile application to streamline operations
  • Creating content, generating consumer interest and intrigue
  • Maintaining a social media presence
  • Using digital marketing for promotion

Whether it is a startup or an established company, you cannot leave out these standard aspects when planning your business and marketing policies. The majority of the businesses are heavily investing in digital services, so there is no novelty there.

Nevertheless, what makes an actual difference is how you execute these strategies, utilizing the right resources. You need professionals who can take up the responsibility of providing you with scalable digital solutions and deliver the same, leveraging knowledge, skills, and experience.   

In this highly competitive market, hiring an app development company or an SEO professional is not enough. You need professional entities that innovate and offer end-to-end result-oriented digital solutions while upholding their efficacy. For instance, hiring a website and mobile app development company that also takes care of digital marketing, content creation, etc., is what your business demands; a one-point solution provider like Brainium Information Technologies. 

  • We will get there, but before we walk you through what we have to offer, let’s first touch the basics; 
  • Why do you need to hire a professional company and not just anyone offering freelancing services?
  • What do you need to consider when hiring a professional company for digital services?  Why Brainium Infotech is the perfect candidate to fulfill your business requirements? 

Professional Company VS Freelancers

Most businesses try to mitigate their cost limitations by outsourcing digital services, like app development, website development, and maintenance, along with digital marketing. Now, there are two options to choose from:

  • Professional companies
  • Freelancers

Considering the financial aspects, small businesses often side with hiring freelancers over professional companies, thinking that they would save more money. However, that is just one side of the story. 

We can present you with relevant points that would prove that hiring dedicated Developers from a professional software development company, generates better ROI in the long run. 

  • Unlike freelancers, companies have a definite protocol for planning, developing, executing, and delivering each project. You can expect full transparency from them, as you are kept in the loop throughout the lifecycle of the project. 
  • Since there is a stringent protocol, a company will not miss deadlines and deliver the completed app or website for launch within the pre-decided timeline. 
  • You dint have to worry about the privacy and security of data when working with a company. They have systems in place with high-end encryption to take care of that.  A company would have more experience having worked on diverse projects compared to a freelancer, which augments its expertise. 

Freelancers can be best described as one-man-army while companies work in coordinated groups where each member comes with experience and expertise. Working with a legit company like Brainium gives you long-term business benefits.

Judging the Credibility of a Professional Company 

Even then we would recommend that you consider the following factors when hiring a web and application development company. Here are a few pointers:

  • Check out the portfolio of the company.
  • Make sure that the company is experienced in handling a diverse range of projects.
  • Enquire about the technologies they use in developing the digital platforms.
  • Get a quote and expected timeline, and don’t forget to sign an agreement with the company. 
  • Enquire about the communication and reporting process through the project development. 
  • Ask them if they would grant you the ownership of the code.  Enquire about the QA and post-launch promotion and maintenance services. 

Making these inquiries would give you a fair idea regarding the professionalism and service quality of the company. 

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Why Brainium Information Technologies

Since we have covered all the basics of hiring a professional company for digital solutions; let’s get you acquainted with what Brainium Information Technologies has to offer and what sets us apart from the rest.  

Brainium Information Technologies is the one-stop solution for all digitization needs. We provide businesses with innovative digital solutions and services, including:

  • Mobile app development;
  • Web development;
  • Content creation;
  • Digital marketing. 
  • Hiring Remote Developers
  • AI Chatbot Development IOT Solutions

Over the years, we have successfully created a robust network of clients across multiple domains, both local and global. Brainium gives precedence to the business needs of the clients, customized solutions that not only fit their purpose but ensure desired results. Our work culture and ethics are defined by the hard work and dedication that we have been putting into each project, since the day we opened our doors to the clients. 

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Brainium does not offer one-size-fits-all services and solutions to clients. Our team of Brainites runs a comprehensive diagnostics of the business to deduce the pain areas, ideate solutions that fill those gaps, streamline the operations. 

By hiring Brainium Information Technologies, you get:

  • The expertise of an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with an advanced quality management system. 
  • The complete digital package under one roof; mobile and web technology along with digital marketing support. 
  • Lifetime support for all projects after the delivery. We will update it, fix the bugs, and offer training to run the system. 
  • Access to innovative ideas and solutions that adds scalability to your business.
  • Benefited from our agile approach of delivering the project through adaptive planning and ideation, evolutionary development, and consistent enhancement.
  • Absolute transparency through a continuous line of communication with the clients while rendering the services. 
  • Benefitted from advanced data security protocols that we follow when undertaking a project.
  • Value for money through an effective cost analysis, considering the range of the project and the budget of the client.  On-time delivery all time every time. 

Through all these years, serving local and global clients as a mobile app development company and digital solutions provider, we have earned the reliability of more than 2000 businesses and continue to do so. You can reach out to us at any time to give your business and infrastructure a digital makeover. Our experts are always ready to provide you with consultation and value-added services. Brainium will turn your business dream into a reality. 

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