Brainium: Disintegrating Language Obstacles for Global Businesses

Brainium: Disintegrating Language Obstacles for Global Businesses
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Brainium: Disintegrating Language Obstacles for Global Businesses

Globalization is the process by which markets integrate worldwide

– Michael Spence, Nobel laureate.

Business is the universal language in this age of globalization. The seamless flow of trade and investments across borders has enabled the global economy to flourish in leaps and bounds. But even in this age and time, businesses still bump into obstacles due to language barriers. So, is there a way that we can address these linguistic limitations?

Let’s ask Michael Eder, an entrepreneur from Austria!

Michael and His App-Story:

I am an entrepreneur based in Austria running a successful business and offering diverse services to people globally, but this was not how I started. When I decided to launch an app to transition my business to a global platform, the first hurdle that I faced was language. I was seeking a reliable company that could ideate and develop a mobile app, allowing my global target audience to access the services easily.

Since I was not satisfied with the quality of local service providers; I had to look for app development companies that worked globally. But my inadequacy in speaking fluent English became a problem. I was unable to reach out and have a meaningful discussion regarding my requirements with English-speaking professionals. After months of trying, I was almost on the verge of giving up when I got in touch with Brainium Information Technologies.

I won’t lie; there were initial glitches, but the team was very patient and thorough with communication. We had multiple meetings and email exchanges; I was kept in the loop through the development and testing stage. When they finally delivered the finished app for launch, it was exactly what I had envisioned.

I couldn’t be happier and more grateful to such a wonderful team. It’s been three years since then and they have developed several apps for my company, and we maintain a steady business relationship to date.

What made them different from so many others that I tried to connect with before? They were easy-going, patient with my language limitations, and went the extra mile to deliver quality apps that helped my business to flourish.

(Client testimonial was translated in English for publishing.)

See what our client said about our services in the testimonial video.

Brainium: Surpassing Language Barriers via Innovative Business Solutions:

Michael is just one of the many global clients we have worked with over the years. We have helped them with our innovative ideas and business solutions. One thing was common with each of them; the language barrier. But that has never stopped us from ensuring client satisfaction, through articulate communication and timely delivery of a project.

What makes our team stand apart? It’s our passion and dedication; our collective work ethic and our objective to deliver scalable solutions to clients, helping their businesses to grow.

From Ideation to Execution: How We Work:

When a client connects with us, seeking web development, mobile app development, digital marketing, or Hire Developers, we follow a systemic project protocol. It helps us chart a clear delivery path from ideation to execution.

  • It all starts with client communication; understanding what the client wants. Our team conducts multiple sessions to gain clarity of client/customer understanding. 
  • This is followed by ideation; the stage of brainstorming and planning the blueprint of project delivery. 
  • Next comes the stage of implementation; here’s where the ideas get developed, and the designs get incorporated, taking shape in the form of a website, a mobile app, or otherwise. 
  • Quality assurance and testing are integral part of our service. In this stage, every aspect of the project is tested multiple times for any error or glitch. Even the minutest details are taken into consideration to maintain optimum levels of functionality. 
  • All four stages of communication, ideation, implementation, and quality assurance culminate in the final delivery of the project to the client. 

Throughout this extensive process of project execution, communication plays a vital role. We keep the client in the loop through every phase without language becoming a disruptor.

Overcoming the Language Barrier with Global Clients:

Since our inception, we have worked with businesses across geographies owned by non-English-speaking clients. Together we have overcome the linguistic limitations, accomplishing exceptional commercial endeavors. It’s because we do not just offer solutions and provide services; we forge partnerships and lasting bonds with our clients. Here’s how we mitigate the language barriers:

Multi-lingual Communication:

When working with non-English speaking clients, we use the latest translation software for smooth communication via mail or video conferencing. Our professionals have the utmost respect for clients of diverse cultures and linguistics and uphold the same during communication to ensure client/customer understanding and satisfaction. We also implement translation modules and features in the projects that we develop for them, enabling them to reach out to a global target audience.

Creativity Trumps Semantics:

Understanding the requirements of the client and regular communication; that’s our primary goal. Once that is sorted, the rest falls in place without any setbacks. For instance, let’s take the design of an app or website as an example. Design is all about creativity, and one’s creative or artistic sense needs no semantics; it speaks its very own language. Once the client has green-lighted the concept, our talented designers add flair and infuse soul into the project through their exquisite graphical depictions.

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Language of Programming & Coding:

Now, with the creative aspect of the project taken care of, it’s time for the developers to take control, with their coding and programming skills. It adds life to the project, making an app or a website function properly without lags or errors. Programming and coding do not stick to the rules and limitations of language. They have their distinct semantics, which our developers are quite well-versed in.

On An Ending Note!

We are living in an age when people are crossing the stratosphere for a space-cation. Compared to that, getting over a language barrier is a cake-walk, and we do exactly that for our global clients. We overcome linguistic limitations with innovative solutions and the dedicated efforts of our team of Brainites. So, don’t let language limit your business dreams; scale up to ultimate success with Brainium!

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