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eCommerce Development Services

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Top 20 Web Development
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Entrepreneur of
the Year, Business
Leadership SUMMIT,
Top 20 Web Development
Companies in India
by GoodFirms, 2022
(MSME), 2022
Top 20 Web Development
Companies in India by
Clutch, 2021

We are a Top-Rated
eCommerce Development Company

We offer customized web and mobile app development for eCommerce enterprises. We focus on creating secured, reliable, faster, and more responsive eCommerce apps.

Our team specializes in cutting-edge eCommerce application development. From customizing your requirements to upgrading your existing eCommerce app and fixing issues, our eCommerce developers do not compromise on quality. We take care of its superiority, effectiveness, scalability, and security for excellent user experiences.

Top-Notch eCommerce Development Services For Entrepreneurs

Custom eCommerce Development

Custom eCommerce Development

We analyze your business requirements and deliver custom ecommerce development services to build customer-centric websites of mobile applications. We ensure that our services maximize your business ROI and take your business to the next level.
Open Source Customization

Open-Source Customization

Brainium offers multiple open-source eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce that have helped businesses save time and cost. You can discuss with our experts to get the best platform that suits your requirements.
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development experts are specialized in designing responsive applications that enhance omnichannel customer experiences. We create feature-rich products that can meet your purposes.
MVP Development

MVP Development

MVP development is the right approach if you want to test your business ideas. Connect with our well-experienced eCommerce developers to develop a secured and high-quality application.


We have top-rated eCommerce developers who have expertise in migrating your application from one platform to another. Our eCommerce experts upgrade your existing application to the newest version.
Bug fixing

Bugs/Issue Fixing

Issues or bugs in a mobile or web application affect a business revenue a lot. Hire our experienced eCommerce developers to fix your issues/bugs immediately and provide a seamless user experience.


Our ecommerce development experts are good enough in monitoring and maintaining applications. We help you improve your product quality and save a lot of time and money.

eCommerce Development Tech Stack at Brainium


Mobile Apps

React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift
open source

Open Source

Magento, Woocommerce, OpenCart
Hosted Platform

Hosted Platform

Shopify, BigCommerce

Web Application

Angular, React, Vue.js, Node, Laravel, Python, PHP, Java, .Net


MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase

Hire eCommerce Developers as per Your Need

In this plan, you will be offered a fixed cost for your project after analyzing the requirement.

Here cost and scope of the project are fixed. Any change in the scope at a later stage attracts additional costs.

This plan is best suited if you know what you are looking for and have prepared a detailed scope of work.

Fixed cost app development project starts from $5000

In this plan, you hire a developer who works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in a month. That means he spends 160 hours every month. When you assign tasks to the developer, he or she becomes your remote employee.

This plan is appropriate when you have projects with multiple changes in the requirement.

The cost of a Full-Time eCommerce Developer starts from $1800 and goes to $5000 depending on their experience.

In this plan, you buy a block of hours to hire a developer to do small tasks for a certain period of time. Once your hours are exhausted, you need to buy another block of hours. There is no expiry date on the hour bank. As soon as you have a new task, you can contact the account manager and resume the work.

This plan is best suited for on-demand work like small updates & bug fixing.

You can purchase blocks of hours in the multiple of 20. The hourly rate starts from $15/Hr.

Brainium brings with it Transparency, Trustworthiness, and excellent service experience throughout your entrepreneurial journey with us Contact us to discuss your new ideas with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource to India and choose Brainium for my project?
India is the hub of highly skilled software professionals. Brainium is one of the best Digital Agencies in India which offer cost-effective services to its clients scattered all over the globe. We treat every client's project like our own and provide the best solution to improve their business. We see client success as our own success.
Is my involvement required while you design my Website or App, if yes then how much?
Yes, we will send you a questionnaire before the design work starts where we will gather all information about your business, product/services, target audience, competitors, etc. After we have gathered sufficient information about your business only then we start the design work of your project. After we are done with the first draft, we submit it for your review. We expect you to provide us with your feedback/suggestions. We do revisions and submit the updated designs for your feedback/suggestions/approval again. We do not allow more than 3 revisions in fixed-cost projects.
Can you develop a website or App for languages other than English?
What makes you believe that you are the best?
We are experts in Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies, and Digital Marketing and provide end-to-end solutions so that you do not have to hire multiple companies to get your project done. We have separate departments for Web Design, Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, and Web Hosting which work together to make your project successful. We are a client-focused software development company, which strives to deliver result-driven solutions that provide a return on investment and help grow businesses.
How often will you be reporting to me regarding the progress of my project?
We use Project Management System (Zoho) for project progress tracking and reporting. We recommend our clients log in to our PMS system to keep themselves updated about the work in progress. However, our team keeps you updated almost every day for small-size projects, and for large-size projects, we update at least once every week.
Do you have a white-label reseller program?
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What happens after submitting the inquiry form?

  • One of our team members will get in touch with you within 16 hours (Except Holidays)

  • We contact you through email first and we communicate later as per your choice of communication channels

  • All data submitted by you is never shared with others. You can always ask for NDA

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