Brainium’s Lifetime Support: Grow without Disruption

Brainium’s Life Time Support: Grow without Disruption
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Brainium’s Lifetime Support: Grow without Disruption

The extensive ongoing digitization across industries, not to mention, the consumers’ inclination towards digital platforms and the ensuing services, has leveled up the importance of infrastructural development through technological integration. In simple words, if you are running a business that wants to make profits and grow then you need to invest in digital solutions like apps, websites, and likewise. 

It might have been a luxury at one point; businesses with a solid capital, experimenting with these resources, but at present businesses, irrespective of their turnover, need to have a digital platform and identity. 

We could say that it was a one-time investment, where you hire a dedicated developer to build you a mobile application or develop a website, and once done you can forget about all the recurring expenses; but that’s hardly the case. Once your app or website has been launched and running, it can still encounter issues, disrupting your business. That’s when you need an expert to fix them. 

You can either reach out to your old developer or a new one to resolve the problem, which usually incurs a significant expense. The standard procedure is that the developer, old or new, will charge you by the hour, somewhere between $50 and $100, depending on the issue. It might be more if there is a major issue.      

To summarize, you are not in the clear financially even after the app or website has been launched. It requires regular maintenance, bug fixes, and other tech support, which would be chargeable. 

Feeling concerned?! Now, what if we tell you that you can get adequate maintenance for your digital platforms for life from the developer you hired to build them in the first place, and that too, free of cost? Does that sound too good to be true? It won’t be when you are a client of Brainium Information Technologies. We offer our clients lifetime support for free.  

There must be a lot of queries popping up in your head;

  • What is lifetime support?
  • What would I have to do and not do to get lifetime support?
  • Will the service be free, even after 10 or 15 years?

We are here to answer them all and explain in detail about our free lifetime support service. So hang tight!

Common Post-Launch Issues with Digital Platforms:

Isn’t there a full-fledged quality assurance conducted before the launch of the app/website? Then why would I need to worry about issues cropping up after launch? Does that mean the app/website had pre-existing issues? Should I be concerned about the quality of the web or app development? A lot of you might be having these exact thoughts in mind right now. So, let us clear up a few facts for you.

Yes, every app or website indeed goes through extensive quality checks before the launch, to ensure that there is no disruption in the functionality. However, after launch maybe after a year or more, there might be some tech issues, which have nothing to do with the initial development and deployment process. 

These natural progressions might be unavoidable; nevertheless, they are fixable if detected at the right time. These small fixes are part of the regular app/website maintenance protocol, just like you have for your appliances at home, your car, or anything else. 

To give you a clearer idea, here are the common issues faced by an app/website post-launch:

Web and Mobile Application:

  • The app responds to multiple taps instead of a single touch.
  • The frequent crashing of the app.
  • Faulty progress indicator.
  • Issues with landscape and portrait orientation.
  • The app is lagging in responding.


  • Compatibility issues with the browser.
  • Broken external/internal links and 404 errors.
  • Lagging of the website.
  • Server crashes.
  • Critical functions failure.

In the case of software, there can be multiple errors, such as functional, compatibility, usability, security, logic, and syntax, along with performance defects. Besides these, there can be issues such as unit-level bugs, code duplication, data-type mismatch, system-level integration bugs, and more. 

Even if there are not any issues with your app, website, or software as such, you would require long-term maintenance; regular checkups just like the ones you get for yourself at the doctor. Why? It is because maintenance keeps the digital platform in optimum condition. When your digital platform works well, it keeps your uninstallations and website abandonment at a low. Your sales are bound to skyrocket, while your growth remains uninterrupted. Moral of the story; you need adequate maintenance and support as badly as you need an app/website for your business. Why pay when you can get it for free?   

Brainium’s Lifetime Support: What Makes Us Different?

There is no denying that every developer or digital solutions provider would provide post-launch support and maintenance. Nevertheless, all of that comes with a price tag, usually $50-$100 per hour depending on the nature of the fix. That’s where Brainium claims to be different. 

We offer lifetime support and maintenance to our clients; all FREE of cost. You can reach out to us after 1 year, 5 years, or even 20 years, after our initial delivery of the digital platform. We can assure you that you would not be charged a dime, provided:

  • It’s a fixed-cost project developed by Brainium from scratch.
  • There has not been a change of code by a third-party developer.
  • No changes have been made by third-party APIs.
  • It is not a software update.

Each client of Brainium Information Technologies is provided with a Certificate of Lifetime Support, as our promise that we will fix your tech issues, without charging you anything.

To us, the satisfaction of the client with the end-product holds precedence above everything, and this Free Lifetime Support is just one of our many gestures to attest to that fundamental policy. 

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Why Seek Digital Solutions & Services from Brainium Infotech?

Wrapping Up:

Brainium is an ISO 9001:2005 certified, award-winning Google Partner Company. We offer complete transparency to our clients regarding project management and delivery. If you have any queries about our services, feel free to reach out at any time for a free consultation with one of our experts. You can access our portfolio in Case Study page; check out reviews from previous and repeat clients to gain confidence in our authenticity. Over the years, we have helped more than 2000 businesses to create a digital identity backed by innovative solutions and leverage the same to scale growth. We would like to do the same for you! 

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