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A Digital Marketing Company in Australia Has Partnered with Us to Increase Their Profit by 70%

A Digital Marketing Company in Australia Has Partnered with Us to Increase Their Profit by 70%



Our client runs a Digital Marketing agency that provides services right from website development and maintenance to digital marketing including SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, etc.

They aim to make marketing accessible to every small business in Australia and grow as a trusted Web design and Digital Marketing service agency.
They wanted us to take care of their organic traffic generation and growth (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services in addition to website development and maintenance.


They had some highly demanding clients who wanted substantial organic and inorganic results from some competitive keywords within a comparatively short span of time.

Due to the highly competitive keywords, it was a big challenge for us to rank the website and the content upon those keywords within a few months time.
Also, we had the challenge of penetrating a market which was already running strong with fierce competition.

Implementation of Plan

To start with we first checked the existing rankings of the websites on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). We then went on to optimize the on-page factors for a well round SEO. Here are the things we did: To begin with, we analyzed the requirements and ascertained the framework and technologies we will need. We utilized Magento framework for the e-commerce store development due to its distinct advantages:

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SEO Friendly URLs
We created new pages and modified the existing ones with readable and human friendly URLs which made it easier for the bots to find and navigate across the site. The interface was designed to let the seller get all the store related settings with just a click or a tap. We created a seller profile & account wherein the seller can update their name, contact number, website, payment details, etc.
  1. Product: view own store products, product status and inventory, price, specifications, quantity, etc.
  2. Orders: view and manage received orders, update carrier details, tracking number, status, etc.
  3. Transactions: view transaction history, transaction Ids, details, amount, etc.
  4. Reviews & Ratings: view and manage product reviews and rating given by customers.
  5. Promotion: add/remove or edit product promotions, coupon codes etc.
  6. Newsletter: view and manage newsletter subscribers.
  7. CMS: manage page contents and static blocks for the store.
  8. Configuration Management: manage ‘favorite’ marked products, payment currency, banners and landing pages, profit margin management, etc.
Page Title with Keywords
The title is the most important on-page SEO factor. It tells the users and the ‘spiders’ what the page and the content are about. Hence, we created the page title which includes the relevant keywords.
Proper use of Heading Tags
For a well-structure page content, we carefully used the heading tags. We used one H1 tag per page which was wrapped around the title and the content of the page, and for the sub-headings we used H2, H3 & H4 tags.
Rich Snippets
To give search engines more information about the website and its contents, we implemented rich snippets or structured data markups. This substantially enhanced search engine listings of the websites and improved the Click Through Rates.
On-Point Meta Description
When it comes to showing results on SERPs, meta descriptions are very important. So, we carefully created meta descriptions for all the pages (including the right keywords and value propositions) in order to rank them well on the result pages.
Internal & External Linking
To let the users and search engines go deeper into the contents of the website we creatively did internal linking to different pieces of content within the blog and website using anchor texts. We also made some external links for the users to some really helpful websites which also added to the overall SEO score.
Image Optimization
We gave proper keyword based alt tags to the images to help search bots understand the contents of the images. It helped the websites become more discoverable via image searches in addition to web searches.
Site Speed Improvements
Site speed is now a major factor in SEO rankings. We optimized the websites to load and run faster with speed improvements and also we made it responsive to run smoothly across all devices.
Social Sharing
We enabled easy social sharing for the website/blog contents to let users easily distribute them across multiple channels. It gave the search engines the signal that the content is valuable for the users and it must be ranked well to reach more users. After we made all the changes to the sites for SEO, we progressed with the promotional work with SEM. We created suitable and high conversion landing pages. We checked the overall health of the website and the rankings with specialized tools. The checks were done at least thrice a week consistently for 3 months. It let us flag and fix all potential and actual SEO issues quickly. Within a span of 3 months, we were able to rank the websites on the first page of Google on the basis of most of the keywords. With our on-demand hiring model and highly skilled SEO & Content Marketing experts, not only our client achieved the desired results within time but also it cut down their costs by up to 50 percent.

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