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Successful Ecommerce Site for Tires

Successful Ecommerce Site for Tires



Being founded in 1949, our client has been creating tires for vehicle enthusiasts for over 7 decades.

Driven by passion and innovation, they create tires with quality engineering and rigorous testing procedures that combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology.
They required a highly engaging website that perfectly showcases the wide range of tires they create with striking graphics and easy navigation.
They wanted the website to have quick loading web pages and a good site structure to improve indexability and SEO rankings.


The client required an e-commerce website to showcase all the tires with proper descriptions, functionality and the specific season to use them.

Keeping in mind that a 70 years old company has been manufacturing tires since ages, the website needed to include its wide variety.
The website had to be responsive with a good navigation facility. Also, it should have the flexibility to run across a wide range of devices to offer a seamless user experience.
The site would hold a highly specific search functionality for the users so that they can pinpoint and find exactly the type of tire or accessories they are looking for.

Implementation of Plan

We started with the ‘Project Understanding’ phase, in which we addressed and jotted down all the specifications with regard to each requirement of the client. The design team began with the designing of the home page, product listing page, product information pages, etc after receiving the comprehensive specifications from the customer. Once the wire-frames and visualizations were developed, it was shared with the client for their feedback. Further, we evaluated the specifications and defined the resources, technology, and processes that we will need for the execution of the project. We worked on the code-base of the website which was built on Drupal and Symphony framework.

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