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How we successfully built a unique Mobile Application for a renowned Edtech Company?

How we successfully built a unique Mobile Application for a renowned Edtech Company?



Our client owns a beautiful Edtech mobile application that brings the students and coaches under a single roof.

Through this app, students can enter their progress reports of various activities. The system will create reports in multiple graphical formats like a pie chart, bar graph, etc based on the data entered by the students and the coaches can track the progress of the students. This app also enables students to organize the courses of study, refine the techniques of study and improve motivational drivers.
They required a highly engaging Mobile App that perfectly showcases the wide range of subjects and activities as well as provision for students to enter their progress information for coaches to track their progress with striking graphics and easy navigation.
They wanted quick loading pages and a good app structure to improve indexability and SEO rankings.


Keeping in mind that the Mobile App will serve the students for their benefit, an app was needed to showcase the wide variety and range of subjects and activities.

The application was required to be responsive and have a good navigation facility. Also, it should have the flexibility to run on Android as well as Windows to offer a seamless user experience.
It was expected that the app would hold a highly specific search functionality that would help the students to quickly grab the information on a particular subject.
It was also expected that the students get all the minute details on a particular topic on the same application without having to hop around different apps.
From the business perspective, a good application always needs an admin panel to let the superuser(s) manage all the contents, pages, and blogs of the mobile app.

Implementation of Plan

We started with the ‘Project Understanding’ point, in which we discussed and wrote down all the requirements of the customer with respect to each requirement. Elsewhere, the design team began with the UI mock-up development for the home page after having the comprehensive specifications defined by the customer.

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The Mobile Application needed to support 3 types of users:
  • The Students- The students need to register themselves using details like full name, date of birth, email id, etc to take full advantage of the application.
  • The Coaches- The coaches also need to login using the user id and password provided by the admin.
  • The Admin- The admin is solely responsible for the management of the entire mobile application.
Mobile applications also need to be tested against various security aspects, just like web applications, and we have introduced security throughout the whole development of life-cycle. High-level examination of application artifacts such as security requirements, secure development standards, and specific application specifications to ensure security has been implemented throughout the development life-cycle of the mobile application that would enable the identification of the weaknesses in the proposed design and suggest effective countermeasures to mitigate threats. We have implemented a comprehensive threat assessment on STRIDE based methodology to determine data flows and examine entry and exit points in the application, exposing opportunities to subvert security controls and also recommend measures to reduce threats and vulnerabilities. From the perspective of an end user, we have also tested the security of the mobile device to determine if the mobile device could allow confidential data leakage, denial of service, or other attacks. We adhered to the SEO standards strictly for app pace and kept it below the level for the related SEO benefits. We often took special caution in developing the UI to provide consumers with an outstanding interface when visiting the app.

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