4 Social Media Trends that Are Going to Be Big in 2018

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4 Social Media Trends that Are Going to Be Big in 2018

With the advancement in technology, people are becoming more and more connected with social media. Since the advent of it, for many years, social media only existed as a communicating platform for likeminded people. But when business in social media was introduced, it opened up a new path for all the brands. Now, this platform became the only space that can provide you with the chance to reach out to a wider audience with any budget and easily targetable demographic. And then, finally, social media started to flourish with all its potentials. Now, whatever scope it offers this year and what changes or trends that might come along in the coming years can influence the brands and their marketing notably.

So, if you are a brand that is trying to get noticed in the ever-buzzing world of brand marketing, then you must know what trends of social media are going to dominate the year, 2018. Take a look at the major four trends that are already making quite buzz in the market.

Chatbots have Arrived

When it comes to interaction with a brand, people are now turning to social media messages instead of calls and emails. Instant replies are what’s impressing them more. So, if you want to provide your customers with the instant gratification of their queries answered, then setting up chatbots can be really a good option for you. Already Facebook Messenger Bot has made its appearance and becoming rapidly popular amongst brands. The best part of it is you can set it easily for free.

Mobile Focused Social Media

Currently, social media is rolling out their content keeping mobile users in mind. Though Facebook was originally designed for desktop, yet with passing years, it has evolved a lot to fit the bill for the users who access the internet from their Smartphone while on the go. Now, Snapchats and Instagram are mobile-focused platforms, yet Instagram can be operated from the desktop. However, more than 80% users use it from their mobile devices. That is why, you have to keep the mobile devices in mind while developing content or design. When you are setting your ad on social media, give the tags and the CTA which will perfectly fit the Smartphone screen.

Don’t Eliminate One Platform for Similar Feature

When it comes to features, various platforms are imitating each other. For example, Facebook and Instagram have copied the “Stories” feature from Snapchat. Be rest assured, this imitation will increase in future. But that doesn’t mean that you need to eliminate one platform based on only a particular feature. If you do so, you will be eliminating your potential of reaching a certain demographic.

Make Video a Part of Content Strategy

This is not a secret anymore that video content is making big in the industry. From posts to ads, videos are getting more engagement than general graphics or GIFs. If you are thinking that this trend might go down in 2018, then you are mistaken. Rather, now, posting older content in a video format is in fad. Make video an integral part of your content strategy. It will surely reward you with more ROI.

So, now as you know about these trends, incorporate them in your planning.  If you are not well versed with social media and looking for the help of an expert, who can join you in strategizing, come to us. Go to our contact page and fill the form. We are all set for exploring the newer potential of your brand.

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