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Media and Entertainment Marketing Secrets

Not only the entertaining shows but a proper marketing strategy to attract and retain the audience is what helps the media and entertainment industry thrive

Those days are long gone when you could see your favorite movie stars only on the screen from the audience seats. Now, in the era of the digital revolution, you can easily access them with just a tweet or Instagram DM. So, when Gal Gadot is coming to Comic-Con, you can easily get a picture, upload it, and even tag her. Or when you want to wish luck to Will Smith for his latest hit, you can just Tweet him. Since digital marketing and social media are making the world a really small place, people are connecting more, even with the stars who used to be inaccessible previously. This might make you wonder, do the stars really have this much time to interact with their followers and fans all over the world? Basically, just like any other brand, there are really active digital marketing professionals who are making it possible for you to connect the celebs. From planning the PR moves to controlling the interaction, these professionals do it all for them. As a result, the celebs can connect with more fans and in turn, gain more popularity.

If this piece of information piques your interest and you are already thinking how exciting it is for the digital marketers to keep working for the stars, then let us tell you, the job is challenging too. Stars are different from other brands and when it comes to their marketing, their reputation and profession- both, are at stake. Hence, one has to be very careful while chalking out the strategies. If you want to work as one, then you must know the tips that we are going to mention below.

Aware Your Audience of the Experience You Would Share

It is a fact undeniable that when it comes to the entertainment industry, the competition is severe. You need to compete with the attention of your audience for other TV channels and programs, Twitter influencers, social media videos, internet services, podcasts, youtube, and many more. Increasingly, the audience wants a reasonably seamless entertaining environment that really draws them deep. Therefore, anything that feels like an event or live performance has a better chance of increasing views and engagement.

Another way of increasing views is to provide real-time and well-curated hashtags for several shows. Also, several true crime podcasts invite listeners to share their tips and ideas, constantly enrolling them as investigators so that they feel like they truly are part of it.

In short, your marketing strategy should include informing your audience about the experience you would share as well as involving them in the same.

Expand the Base of Your Viewers

All entertainment and media companies have some regular viewers or audiences, who are loyal subscribers and are beneficial to the business. However, in order to expand your business or platform, you need to keep on adding to the number of viewers. The promotion of new content, series, or programs will always help you to connect with new viewers.

Another way of increasing viewers is to use marketing campaigns on other platforms. However, for that, you need to understand your audience first and the online platforms they are most attracted to.

Video Marketing

It is a fact proven that video marketing has always been accepted whether you are running a website, magazine, broadcasting platform, content producer, or some other area in the media and entertainment sector. With Video marketing in play, marketers have seen revenue growth 49% faster. The audience always takes interest in videos more than texts or images. It is mandatory to diversify your website or other business platforms with various forms of content even if you have primarily started with only texts. However, your videos need not be too expensive to produce and you can take advantage of the numerous platforms available for the promotion of your video content.

Maintain Transparency and Follow Ethics

Audiences always favor businesses that are transparent, authentic, and never fail to follow ethics. In the entertainment and media industry, trust plays a pivotal role, especially, in times when social media platforms are filled with false and unethical news pieces and people find it difficult to differentiate between truth and rumors. If you are running a news company, focus on sharing the news that is unbiased and something that is not triggering any doubts in the mind of the audience. In the entertainment sector also, people can benefit from this if they are recognized as supporting their community. Always try to host shows or programs that will serve society or the world in a positive way and people can learn something from them.

Know Your Restrictions

It is mandatory for the business houses in the media and entertainment sector to know your restrictions, what you can and cannot share on your individual platforms. This is especially applicable for news companies as they need to filter the news pieces before publishing on social handles. It is very important that the news pieces should be free from any political or religious bias so that people from all communities and political beliefs can accept them.

Come up With Some Innovative Idea

In the entertainment sector, it is important for the business house to think out of the box and bring some innovative ideas. Most of the people in today’s world are inclined towards social handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube where they come across diverse pieces of content be it horror, humor, romance, action, or something else. If the media houses fail to provide interesting content to their viewers, they will eventually start losing viewers that will take a toll on their business as well as reputation. However, coming up with only interesting content is not enough. You need to find out some innovative ways to promote them. Some companies leverage actors, influencers, and journalists that are associated with their content to help promote it.

Focus on a Long-Term Relationship With Your Audience

It is an undeniable fact that expansion of the base of the audience is important for the business to thrive. However, keeping these audiences loyal to your house for a longer period of time is equally important. Loyal subscribers keep acquisition costs low and the retention and LTV rate much higher. Entertainment companies can upload promotional ads on their social handles to reach out and let past subscribers know about the upcoming shows. Attaching opt-ins can also be an option so that users can receive notifications or emails when the first episode goes live.

Netflix regularly uses email marketing to send out personalized suggestions based on each users’ past watch history, reminding them to finish shows before they’re taken off the platform or offering ideas of new content to watch. This is extremely effective.

Media houses can opt for the same strategy of sending newsletters to users featuring news curated based on their past interests. Even a regular check on your website activity will help you understand the interests of your audience.

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