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Why Our Client Is Still with Us Even After 10 Years?

Why Our Client Is Still with Us Even After 10 Years?



Our client is a Digital Agency based in Canada. They offer high-quality services at competitive prices.

The services they offer include Web Hosting & Design, Hardware, and Software Sales & Service, Networking installations & Support, etc.
They wanted to hire skilled remote developers at reasonable costs for their client’s project.
Also, they were looking to test the skills of the developers prior to handing over the work due to the level of complexity of the project.


We were only a tiny company then with just 3 employees onboard and they were initially looking to hire a remote web designer from us.

Also, they had clients who were very stringent about the quality of work and delivery timelines.
So, with the limited resources we had, the project was needed to be delivered right on time without any compromise in the quality of work.

Implementation of Plan

To begin with, our client requested a free-trial before hiring a remote web designer from us for one of their projects. So, we assisted them with the 7 day Risk-Free trial to test the level of skills of our resources.

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