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How We Built a Distinct & Diverse E-Commerce Platform for Clothing Retailers?

How We Built a Distinct & Diverse E-Commerce Platform for Clothing Retailers?



Our client owns an e-commerce business that offers the existing community of t-shirt retailers to sell printed & embroidered graphics promotional clothing in bulk.

They required an e-commerce setup wherein retail sellers and agents will have their own e-commerce store with their own domain.
They wanted an end to end e-commerce solution that will attract hundreds of retail sellers and agents to use it.


An e-commerce platform was needed which will let retail sellers and agents to have their own e-commerce store within it.

It was needed to be flexible enough to accommodate hundreds of retail sellers and agents. To let so many users create their own e-commerce store, the platform needed to be easy to setup and handle.
Every user required to have their own control panel which they will use for managing their e-commerce store and for being a complex setup containing multiple e-commerce stores and different levels of accesses as per users, the design and functionality had to be flawless and glitch-free.

Implementation of Plan

We started off with the ‘project initiation’ phase after we understood the client’s requirements in detail.
To begin with, we analyzed the requirements and ascertained the framework and technologies we will need.

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Seller Admin
We built this admin interface keeping in mind the requirements and necessities of the seller.The interface was designed to let the seller get all the store related settings with just a click or a tap.We created a seller profile & account wherein the seller can update their name, contact number, website, payment details, etc.
  1. Product: view own store products, product status and inventory, price, specifications, quantity, etc.
  2. Orders: view and manage received orders, update carrier details, tracking number, status, etc.
  3. Transactions: view transaction history, transaction Ids, details, amount, etc.
  4. Reviews & Ratings: view and manage product reviews and rating given by customers.
  5. Promotion: add/remove or edit product promotions, coupon codes etc.
  6. Newsletter: view and manage newsletter subscribers.
  7. CMS: manage page contents and static blocks for the store.
  8. Configuration Management: manage ‘favorite’ marked products, payment currency, banners and landing pages, profit margin management, etc.
Registered User/Customer Admin
This admin interface was built in order to let the customers manage their own data and view details using an account login option.The interface enables the customer to manage their own account, registered email Ids, addresses, etc., view placed orders, share reviews, put items in the wishlist, & manage newsletter subscriptions.Also, we created an auto email system that sends out order placement confirmation emails and invoices to registered customers.
Guest Customers
We enabled the guest customers to place orders (customers who are not registered).Unlike the registered customers, the guest customers can not save their ‘Ship-to Address’. However, they have to provide the address details at the time of checkout.With the auto email system, guest customers are notified by email when they place orders, the invoice gets generated, and when the order is shipped and delivered.To ease lead collection and hold on to the guest customers, we enabled the guest customers to subscribe to the newsletter and contact admin from the ‘Contact Us’ page.
Super Admin
The super admin interface was developed for giving the super admin all the necessary accesses to operate and manage the e-commerce site.Following are the accesses we enabled doe the super users admin:
  1. .Product & Categories: view, add, edit or delete all store products & categories, and also assign categories to the products.
  2. Customer & Orders: manage and see the list of all the customers, manually raise orders (if needed), view, edit, or delete order details and status for all stores.
  3. Promotions & Newsletters: manage promotion offers, rules, and eligibility criteria and allow individual stores to manage their own promotional coupons, etc. Also, manage newsletter subscribers.
  4. Ratings & Reviews: manage (Approve or Disapprove or Delete) ratings & reviews given by customers.
  5. CMS: manage all the content for each store, static blocks, banners, etc.
  6. Configuration Management: end to end management of the currency and payment settings, store emails, catalogs, payment methods, tax settings, etc.
We created all the necessary options and functions to smoothly run the e-commerce platform with ease and free of operational bottlenecks.We utilized Angular framework for building the front end because of its improved architecture and development efficiency and for building the back end we used EnMobi.For database we used MySQL for its high level of scalability, availability and performance at lower costs. And for the high level of compatibility we used Apache for web server.With our on-demand hiring and dedicated resource options, we helped our client pull down their development costs down by 50% which added to increasing their bottom line with the e-commerce platform.

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