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App that Lets Users Crowdsource Best Local Offers

App that Lets Users Crowdsource Best Local Offers



Our client owns a distinctive kind of application which gives everyone the access to thousands of local offers, deals, and discounts that are worth shouting about.

The app allows users to crowdsource ‘real world’ offers as they see them for other users to access. Users can sort, add, and share offers instantly using the app.
The app users can also vote offers up and down, resulting in only the best rated offers showing up higher in the rankings.


As the application lets users find a multitude of local offers and deals, it needed to be lag-free, quick, and have a great UI which lets the users sort and share deals with utmost ease.

Intuitive navigation, prominent CTAs, and a highly accurate location based deal finding system needed to be implemented to let users pick and share real world offers in a city they are in or even when they are travelling.
The offers must easily be found in proximity, on a map or in a list format depending on how the user wants to see.
An advanced search and sort functionality was to be developed and facilitated upon specific parameters to make it easier for the users to find and sort deals as and how they want.

Implementation of Plan

As the application needed access to use device-specific hardware and software, we chose to build it on the Native framework for better reliability, responsive software performance, better match with the OS and the UI, and the speed it offers. Also, using the Native framework gave us a wide range of functionalities as it used the capabilities of the device.

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implemented features like:
  1. Offers Comparison
  2. Wide range of offer categorization like Food, Shopping, Drinks, etc.
  3. Adding/Removing Offers by both Retailers and the Users
  4. Create a Profile, Share Offers, Follow other Users, etc.
  5. Crowdsourced Voting
  6. Social Sharing and Sync with Social Media Profiles/Pages
With a dynamic sorting functionality, users were given access to sort out offers that are ‘Most Popular’ or ‘Latest Additions’. Also, the UI was created and crafted in a way that it keeps the users engaged throughout their session and CTAs that they do not miss.
Admin have an end to end control of the app including:
  1. User Management
  2. Manage User Ratings & Reviews
  3. Manage All Offers & Deals
  4. Manage All Categories and Search Filters
The app we built became indispensable for users looking for local offers, deals and discounts. For the app admin, it laid down all the functions and features needed to run the app with ease and have complete control.During the app development process, we regularly did thorough code reviews and multiple rounds of testing to rule out the possibility of any flaws and glitches.With the help of our dedicated app development team and robust delivery process, we managed to reduce our client’s costs by about 50% and delivered a responsive, well designed and highly functional app to boost their business.

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