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Improved Google Rank and Web Traffic. A Case Study for Marcus Uniforms

Improved Google Rank and Web Traffic. A Case Study for Marcus Uniforms

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We solved Marcus Uniforms’ problems regarding Google rank, web traffic and social media sales with our proven strategies.They also wanted quick loading web pages and a good site structure to improve indexability and SEO rankings.

About Marcus Uniforms

Marcus Uniforms is a family-owned e-commerce business providing scrubs, medical accessories, uniforms and shoes, headquartered in Milwaukee.

The online store offers access to uniforms in all sizes from popular brands and allows customisation to fit the customers’ unique needs. Plus, customers have the opportunity to discuss the logo requirements with the in-house graphic arts department if changes are necessary.

The Situation
The client contacted us with one concern: the brand site did not rank well on search engines. He further emphasised garnering better organic ranking and traffic. Along with these requirements, he also wanted to increase sales during Black Friday via paid marketing. While we had a proven strategy to furnish the desired outcome, the lean season was a challenge for us. At this particular period of the year, web traffic is habitually low due to the lack of demand.
Our Goals & Objectives
After a careful inspection of the situation, we decided upon the following objectives:
  • To ensure higher keyword spread and first page Google ranking
  • To increase web traffic via organic searches
  • To boost sales through Facebook and Google ads
  • To accumulate higher ROI for the business
Our Strategy
Due to the slow season, we realised the project would not be a breeze. Our SEO experts thoroughly analysed the situation and customised the strategy to fit the requirements. We realised that the website is special; the brand shipped across the United States and collaborated with a wide range of valuable brands. The website is well-designed but a few vital things went awry. What was most surprising was that the brand catered to a plethora of consumers from different industries, but the website took forever to load. Keeping the brand value in mind, we deployed our strategies to resolve the issues within the stipulated time.
Phase 1:
Our team analysed the competitor’s website to finalise high ranking and relevant brand keywords. We surveyed the category-based keywords and found the ones performing well in the competitive market.
Phase 2:
Slow website speed is a conversion killer and we acted on it right away. Google prioritises users first and the website must load in a few seconds. Our team stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving Google algorithm and know how speed indirectly affects rankings. We compressed images, made necessary changes and minimised dwell time.
Phase 3:
We went through the published content and incorporated relevant keywords to drive rankings. Furthermore, we fine-tuned the content to enhance its quality and carefully added keyword phrases to encourage organic traffic. We worked on quality backlinks to add value to the page for two months and then witnessed the desired result.
Phase 4:
We crafted meta tags using a series of keywords in order to inform Google about the webpage content. We made sure that the meta description does not exceed 160 characters, is compelling and acts as an optimised snippet of the content.
Phase 5:
We used Google Display, Dynamic Display, Shopping, Facebook Carousels and Catalogue sales campaigns for Black Friday offers. These options work as a store window to catch potential consumers’ attention and direct them to the brand site. For instance, Carousel ads allowed us to feature several products at the same time. We initially faced a series of challenges but later found cost-effective solutions that brought ROI, too. To identify and resolve the issues, we utilised keyword tools, Google analytics and Facebook insights.
The Result
Meeting the clients’ requirements and exceeding expectations has been our top priority. The project was a roaring success for us and Marcus Uniforms. Currently, Marcus Uniforms has more than 15 first-page keywords on Google. Most of them are highly competitive ones, and we noticed 2-3 keywords in phrases in the past 2 months. Moreover, the brand site accumulated 20% of growth in Google organic traffic, even in the slow season. The paid marketing campaign ended on a positive note with a visible increase in sales. While the client agreed on a daily budget of $1,500, he achieved 3.5% of ROI over the expenditure.

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