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Higher Web Traffic Generation via Facebook. A Case Study for Vault Active

Higher Web Traffic Generation via Facebook. A Case Study for Vault Active


About Vault Active

Vault Active is an Australian-based fashion and lifestyle brand that sells affordable and sustainably designed athleisure wear for men and women.

The e-commerce store provides an opportunity for local designers to grow their business and meet the desirable style of customers with unique personalities. The shop lives and breathes to instil confidence in consumers while embracing the modern Australian lifestyle.
They also wanted quick loading web pages and a good site structure to improve indexability and SEO rankings.

The Situation

The owner of Vault Active reached out to us as they were displeased with the conversion rate generated from Facebook ads.

They were running a promotional campaign in which Facebook users would register to win a pair of leggings for free. The client could not accumulate the desired conversion rate with the internal team, and the web traffic did not advance as a result.

Our Goals and Objectives
After analysing the client’s requirements, we finalised the following objectives:
  • To improve conversions via Facebook ads
  • To generate web traffic from Facebook ads
  • To increase the number of participants
Our Strategy
This client had a basic acquaintance with social media marketing since the offer had been running. Due to failing to garner participants, the owner understood the need for professional help. We approached the situation by gathering a deep understanding of the client’s goal.
Phase 1:
Having a proven strategy for how images drive more clicks, we focused on an image-based solution. We ran two different ads: one of the ads featured a single image and the other displayed multiple images. Using images is a method to catch potential consumers’ attention quicker as they stop scrolling and look at the offer.
Phase 2:
Then we customised the image depending on ratio and included text to hint at the offer. We also crafted the text in a way that appealed to the target audience. Before implementing this step, we researched the age and interest of potential consumers so that the text could leave a lasting impact. In the end, we placed a call-to-action in order to lead customers to take the right action. We meticulously used Facebook insights to increase click-through-rate so that the ads do not fail. In addition to it, we ensured our client ROI throughout the campaign.
The Result
We successfully acquired 25%-30% conversions as about 500 users clicked on the ads. The client decided on the lifetime budget to be AUD500. Within the limited budget, we obtained more than 87k impressions. At the same time, the reach was over 67k.

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