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Increased Number of App Installations via Google Ads: A Case Study for i’llTip

Increased Number of App Installations via Google Ads: A Case Study for i’llTip


About i’llTip

i’llTip is a social media-based platform for freelancers who want to monetise their skills and clients who want to hire freelancers for their projects.

It is a local app that aims to bridge the gap between service seekers and providers. Users can also find volunteers for philanthropic causes for the welfare of the community.

The Situation

What Client Needed?

The client reached out to us for running a Google Ads campaign. He targeted Android users residing in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our Goals & Objectives
After perusing the client’s situation and analysing his requirement, we set the following objective:
  • To improve the number of app installations via Google Ads Universal App Campaigns
Our Strategy
The client had a limited budget of $8 per day; he wanted to spend only $5-$6 in the beginning. This was challenging for us as a higher budget garners more traffic. On top of it, the target location is Omaha which is a small town in Nebraska. Keeping the budget restrictions and location constraints in mind, we strategized the campaign. Here are the steps we followed:
  • Phase 1: We analyzed the demographics and set the target audience.
  • Phase 2: We created texts, images and videos to entice potential users.
  • Phase 3: We initiated the campaign with $4 for Omaha.
  • Phase 4: We invested another $4-budget for nearby areas of Omaha (within +50 miles radius).
  • Phase 5: We set up conversion measurement via Google Firebase.
Our team with demonstrated experience in this field achieved the desired outcome, as a result.
The Result
We continued the Universal App Campaign for 45 days on Google Ads. The result, we got, was that more than 200+ app downloads took place. With the minimum installation cost, the outcome was satisfactory. At the same time, we noticed the ad set performed well. We managed to keep the app installation cost around $0.50 whereas the usual installation cost is around $2-$3. Due to the budget, the project was challenging. However, we utilized the pain point in the right way to deliver another delighted customer.

How our services bring about success