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How did we successfully build a website for a globally renowned publication house?

How did we successfully build a website for a globally renowned publication house?



Our client, a tech start-up for the creative industry, is based in Australia and has global footprints across the US, Europe and Australia. It is a part of the Magazine Publishers Industry.

They required an e-commerce platform for the creatives to publish and sell their works to those who are in demand for content. They required a highly engaging website that perfectly showcases the wide range of works they create with easy navigation.
They also wanted quick loading web pages and a good site structure to improve indexability and SEO rankings.


Keeping in mind that an e-commerce platform was required by the creative people for the creative people, it needed to include and showcase the wide range and variety of their creative talent.

The website was required to be receptive and has a decent navigation facility. Also, it should have the flexibility to run across a wide range of devices to provide a seamless user experience.
The website was also intended to provide a very detailed search functionality allowing users to exactly locate what they are looking for.
It is always interesting to have an option to compare contents for similar topics so that the creative buyers always have the opportunity to invest in the better one.
From a business viewpoint, a good e-commerce platform often requires an admin panel to allow the superuser(s) to handle all the e-commerce platform’s content, pages, and blogs.

Implementation of Plan

We started with the ‘Project Understanding’ phase, in which we discussed and jotted down all the requirements of the customer with respect to each requirement.

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The E-commerce site needed to support 3 types of users:
  • The Website Admin / Owner
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
The Website Admin: The users who are responsible for the management of the entire e-commerce website that includes all the contents published, ordered, or sold.Admin Log-in that consists mainly of the email and password.Then the Admin Profile will be displayed on this screen. Admin can update their details from this Module.The other functionalities include Manage Content, Push Notification, Buyers Management, Rate & Review Management, Sellers Management, Subscription Module, Transaction History, and Logout.
The other functionalities of the Home page includes:
  • Registrations for the new users to become registered users
  • Log-in option for the registered users to log into the page.
  • Forgot Password
  • Profile Management
  • Terms & Conditions
  • View & Read Documents
  • Bids & Offers
  • Payment
  • Finalize deal
  • Product Category
  • Billing
  • Search
  • Confirm/Check out
  • My Order History
  • View & Read Treatment/Synopsis:
  • Payment from Buyer:
  • About US
  • FAQ
  • Contact
Seller’s End Functionality:
  • Registrations for the new sellers to register themselves.
  • Forgot password
  • Subscriptions
  • Manage Display View
  • Selling Options
  • Accept Offers
  • Payment
  • My Order History
  • Order Status
  • My Payment
  • Messages
To ensure customers get a hassle-free payment experience, we have introduced a secure payment gateway that supports multiple payment service providers.Inside the super admin panel, we developed an intrinsic messaging framework to let the admin react through the Live Chat option to user queries.We did thorough code testing and several rounds of testing at each stage of the development process to keep clear of any vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the e-commerce framework.We strictly adhered to the SEO criteria for site pace and kept it below the level of the corresponding SEO benefits. We took special caution in developing the UI to provide consumers with an outstanding interface when visiting the app, displaying contents, maintaining accounts, or making payments.

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