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Developing an interactive content-based website for an organic food brand

Developing an interactive content-based website for an organic food brand

Developing an interactive content-based website for an organic food brand


Farm-Fresh is a subsidiary brand of GMG that wanted a content-based website to sell and educate people about the goodness of healthy farm foods. With this UX case study, we want to show you how we can create a content-based platform around food products.

Farm Fresh is a food website specializing in nutritious and wholesome food for the family. Their product ranges from chicken breasts to organic eggs and other condiments that ensure a delicious meal for you.

As a subsidiary brand of GMG, Farm Fresh focuses on two major features on their website—product and education. The clients needed a platform to educate people on healthy yet tasty eating habits.

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From high-quality animation work to meeting a tight deadline, our team had to face quite a few challenges to complete this project.

Farm Fresh lists many organic food items and also provides recipes to try for the users. It’s a content-based website that focuses on healthy eating habits. Although it was a WordPress platform, we faced some challenges during the project execution.

The first difficulty our developers faced was the challenge of time. Unfortunately, we got a short time to deliver a complete project which was a massive challenge. So, we had to put together a solid team of experienced developers who understands how to create a content-based website with interactive UX design elements. We had to work extra hours to make sure that the platform went live after the client’s approval.

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It is a completely WordPress-backed website. Here is a list of technologies we have used for this project:

Our tech stack included:
  • CMS- WordPress 6
  • Web Frontend- HTML, CSS
  • Database- MySQL 
Our Project Execution Protocol
Usually, we opt for comprehensive planning, mostly, relying on the Waterfall Model for our software development projects, but this time it was a little different. From the get-go, we were sure that elaborate planning wouldn’t work for this project's execution. We needed to focus on quality output in a very short amount of time. So, we worked with developers who were available at the present moment. We constantly focused on QA to ensure everything lives up to the client’s expectations. However, like any other project, we kept in constant communication with our client regarding his preferences and upgrades of the work.
Sections Introduced to the website:
We introduced the following sections to the website: 
  • Products 
  • Recipe 
  • FAQ
  •  Dynamic Quiz 
  • Question Answer section on the Food Buddy page
Admin Panel Categories:
The admin panel is the backbone of any website. The admin panel of the website helps the brand to manage all the CMS content. Here are the categories we kept for the admin panel: 
  • Product Uploading
  • Product Management
  • Food Buddies
  • Quiz Management
  • FAQ management
  • About Us
  • Admin User Management
  • Setting Permission Option
  • Recipes Management
  • Contact Page
  • Contact Form Management


Our website redesign process led to the following results:
Our development team worked day and night to complete this project which led to the following results:
  • WordPress CMS makes the platform extremely SEO-friendly and flexible. Considering that WordPress is the predominant choice for website development globally, we ensured the site was lightweight and fast.
  • As per our client’s requirement of keeping the website lightweight, we chose the WordPress platform with a Linux server. Due to its low infrastructure requirement, Linux shows an exceptional performance rate and freedom of customization.
  • The website has product listings, customer data, and other information that needed a robust database. MySQL database will provide the necessary data protection for transactional processing, data support, and customer information.
  • As it’s a content-based website, the primary structure and UX designs are built to meet scalability.
  • The use of design elements like quirky fonts, videos, quizzes, pictures, and subtle animation gives an interactive quality to the platform.

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