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Improving Search Engine Visibility for an eCommerce Site That Sells Security Alarms

Improving Search Engine Visibility for an eCommerce Site That Sells Security Alarms

Improving Search Engine Visibility for an eCommerce Site That Sells Security Alarms


Fire Alarm Depot is an eCommerce platform selling online security alarms along with new and refurbished parts. The client wanted us to improve their search engine visibility and website traffic for Google US and Canada.

The eCommerce market in US and Canada is extremely competitive. Fire Alarm Depot wanted to make its online presence felt through organic SEO. They have a wide range of security products like smoke detectors, power supplies, heat detectors, etc., as well as accessories that they sell at a reasonable price. The best thing about the brand is that they are super reliable with their products.

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One of the most challenging aspects of an eCommerce brand in the US and Canada is to increase search engine visibility with organic marketing only. The competition is stiff with a lot of established players in the foreground.

  • As we mentioned before, a major challenge of an eCommerce brand without any promotional activity was the lack of visibility. We had to execute everything from scratch.
  • The eCommerce market for security alarms in US and Canada is highly competitive. There are established players in the market which creates an issue with brand awareness for a new company.
  • Another major issue is with niche products in those geographical regions. Most people prefer to buy security alarms from marketplaces, like Amazon. Thus, getting potential customers to trust a newly launched brand and visit its website to buy products was a huge challenge.
  • User experience and information for these kinds of brands also matter to get customers. The lack of content on the website also posed a hindrance to website traffic and potential leads.
Our Objectives:
Keeping these challenges in mind, we set out to create a roadmap of the following goals for Fire Alarm Depot:
  • We had to bring the keyword ranking to the 1st page of
  • We have to increase the website traffic from organic searches
  • We needed to work on developing ROI for the business with SEO
Our Strategy:
With these specific goals in mind, we started to plan a clear roadmap for the brand. The company didn’t invest in any promotional work before January 2022. So, our primary objective was to create the maximum brand awareness for the company.

Fire Alarm Depot has a good collection of security alarms. So, we came up with SEO strategies that focused on URL optimization along with product and collection page optimization. Simultaneously, we started working on meta tag optimization, navigation, alt tag optimization, etc.

Our team continuously worked on the SEO navigation of the website to increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

To improve search engine visibility with increased website traffic, we created a detailed plan for web content optimization. This included working on the main website content and adding informative blogs. Traffic on eCommerce websites depends a lot on the amount and quality of content your website carry.

For niche products like security alarms, a lot of consumers don’t know how to use the products, how to attach the parts, or why the products are essential in the first place. Hence, we started a separate section on the website to create informative keyword-centric blogs to help create awareness and trust among customers. This effective SEO strategy helped with direct website visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find the platform.
Our solutions to the challenges gave the following results to the brand:
  • From no search engine visibility, we were successful in grabbing the topmost position of the keywords. By the 15th month, more than 10 out of 14 keywords were ranking on the 1st page of Google US and Canada.
  • Due to our effective SEO, our team overcame the challenge and built a strong online presence for Fire Alarm Depot, resulting in a 4500% ROI increase from 2021 to 2022.
  • The website traffic boosted by 471% in 2022 compared to 2021.
  • Not only this, our strategic SEO efforts improved customer satisfaction which improved the customer return rate to 18.97% - a significantly satisfactory number in such a niche market.

Client Feedback

We are often highly recommended as one of the best SEO specialists in India. Hence, apart from the monetary benefits, client satisfaction is the most important part of completing any project. Our client was so pleased with our work that he upgraded the package he initially chose for SEO.

Moreover, he left a great review on our Google page- “Great company, amazing service, and kind staff. Highly recommended.”


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