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Designing and Developing a Learning App – A Case Study for Holistic Learning

Designing and Developing a Learning App – A Case Study for Holistic Learning



Holistic Learning is a specialized EdTech company that needed a website where apart from learning, students can book a particular teacher for a one-on-one learning session according to their needs.

Holistic Learning is a USA-based brand that goes beyond the average domains of an EdTech company. Their primary focus is to prepare high school students for higher education and jobs along with a separate focus on student well-being and counseling. They have integrated services ranging from career development, academic guidance, and wellness coaching.

Staying true to the vast requirement, they needed a learning platform that would cater to everything. Students can enroll themselves according to the subscription options and based on that they will get access to different features.

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Building a customized website always comes with some challenges. From implementing custom codes to making the website feature-friendly, there were a lot of discussions and strategies regarding the UX of the website.

So, there were a couple of challenges that we predicted during the initiation stage of the project. However, there were some issues that we solved as we progressed further.

The ‘Appointment Booking’ section of the website needed a lot of customization from a free plugin with Ajax.JS and PHP custom codes. These custom codes help with the functional aspect of the section where students can easily find and book tutors for a particular lesson. The section also had to block other students from booking the same tutor during that particular lesson which was only possible by using custom codes.

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We used the WordPress open-source CMS for this project to keep it light and responsive. Apart from that, we utilized HTML and custom PHP codes to ensure smooth navigation of the learning platform.

Our tech stack included:
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Web Server: Apache
  • Front-end technology: HTML, jQuery, CSS
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
Our Project Execution Protocol:
For any type of project, we like to keep our execution protocol organized and strategic. Using the Waterfall Model helps us to gain better quality results and deliver the projects on time. After the initial consultation, we started with the initiation part of the project. This is where we start building on the basic layout of the website.

For this project our protocol included the following steps:
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Create tasks
  • Setting timelines
  • Assigning specific tasks to the team
  • Tracking progress
  • Communication
  • Engaging with the client
  • Scheduling necessary changes
  • Testing
  • Closure
Building a website from scratch and deployment takes a lot of constant changes in terms of design, content, and others. With any project, maintaining constant communication with our clients is a big part of our protocol.
User Categories:
For this project, there were three main types of users that we were targeting:
  • Students
  • Teachers/ Educators
  • Super Admin
Since this is a learning platform, we kept it pretty simple and to the point in terms of sectioning on the website. Apart from the standard Testimonials Section, Learning Section, Services, Blogs, and Benefits; customized sections like Subscription Panel, Appointment Booking Section, and subscription level-wise features were added for the users.
Admin Panel Categories:
The Main Panel can be managed from the back end. Some of the categories include Appointment Bookings, CMS page contents, Subscription levels, Testimonials, Benefits, Modifications, etc.


As a team developing and designing a customized learning website, our job was to ensure that the platform caters to high school students who primarily want guidance in life. Moreover, the front end should be responsive and easily navigable for educators as well.

Our work led to the following results:
  • The website provides a holistic platform for students looking for career advice along with mental and physical wellness.
  • The one-on-one appointment booking section helps students to take special classes with reputed teachers around the USA. So, location isn’t an issue anymore to avail private tutoring.
  • MySQL database and WordPress CMS make the website more scalable for the future.
  • By creating a masonry grid in the Blog section, we made it convenient for users to navigate a variety of informative content.
  • Popup videos and animation help to appeal to young audiences as learning becomes more fun.

Client Feedback

The project took a lot of planning and hard work from our end which was appreciated by our client. The client was super responsive during the whole project. During the communication, they appreciated our efficiency and hard work.

Thanks to our dedication, the client continued to provide us with many enhancement tasks and continues to be a part of our journey.


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