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Creating a Website From Scratch for an Online Training Institute

Creating a Website From Scratch for an Online Training Institute

Online Training Institute


Our client, ICA Group, wanted us to design a learning management website from scratch. The application and admin panel were already existing, but we needed to create a fully-functioning website where students can take courses and give exams.

Our client is primarily involved in the educational sector in India. The company began its journey in 1999 with a focus on training people for youth-based jobs in the country. At present, ICA is one of the leading training institutes in India, shaping careers for millions of youths.

Understanding the growing need for online EdTech platforms since the pandemic, our client decided to build an interactive platform for its students and teachers. The learning management system website can help students to take courses and give exams. Two types of students can use the platform—those who weren’t registered by the ICA group and the registered students. The students who weren’t registered could avail of two courses and take the exams. Once done with the exam, results will appear on the website as well.

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Although the project didn’t have any challenges, one that we did face was creating a custom chart on the website. This custom chart makes the website more informative and navigable.

After having failed consultations with a few developers, our client came across Brainium. He was very clear regarding the requirements and challenges that need to be worked on in the website.

Our initial job was to understand each challenge and build a team that would lead and handle the project effortlessly.

The front end of a website is very different than an app. This is why one of the main challenges we faced regarding the design was to create separate sections for the website. We also added a custom chart and upgraded the content for the website.

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The application was already developed using the Laravel framework. This is why we stuck with Laravel for the website development as well. Keeping a similar framework for the application and the website ensures enhanced performance, a smooth interface, and better software coordination.

Our tech stack included:
  • Framework- Laravel
  • Programming Language- PHP
  • Server OS- Linux
  • Database- MySQL
As mentioned above, the client already had an application for the company. Our API developer coordinated with their app developer to work on the API for the website. We provided him with a list of API displays for which he provided us with the links. We then made duplicates of the APIs for the website. This was necessary to maintain a smooth and unified user experience for both software.
Our Project Execution Protocol:
For continuous project execution, we maintained a strategic protocol of the Waterfall Model. First, we started by creating the URS and Wireframe document. After the approval, we started working on the UI design for the website. Once the initial design was done, we started working on the functionalities and other features of the website. We completed the project using the Milestone. Our protocol involved the following steps:
  • Project Initiation
  • System Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Development & Design
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Deployment (Go Live)
During the whole process, we maintained our protocol, while preserving active communication with our client. Following the protocol helps us to deliver the projects timely without any miscommunication or other issues.


Our first job for the project was to identify the ways we can make the website stand out from the application already existing while keeping the values, aesthetics, and basic functionalities the same.

Our development and designing of the website led to the following results:
  • The website provides an additional window for students and teachers. Students can easily register themselves, take courses and see the results without having to download the application.
  • Due to the editing in the MySQL database, the website is more scalable and has higher efficiency.
  • The website has separate sections and additional information for the users. The holistic UI of the website makes it an interactive digital classroom—very important for students to take notes, assessments, keep scores, give mock exams, etc.
  • The website added a much need digital footprint for the client improving his brand awareness and web traffic in general.

Client Feedback

For us, there is nothing better than a client appreciating our dedication and all our hard work. Regardless to say, our client was extremely happy with the design and function of the website. He keeps constant communication with our team members. This keeps us motivated and hopeful for future work that might come along the way from him.


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