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Best Rankings, High ROI & Quick Results: How we made it happen?

Best Rankings, High ROI & Quick Results: How we made it happen?


Overview specializes in solutions ranging from graphics production, 3D design to project management, installation, and storage.

They offer specialized management service to befit all types of a graphics application, exhibition, conference, roadshow, or an event.
They partnered with us to improve the way visitors were flowing into their website. They wanted to improve the search engine rankings for their website and enhance the quality and quantity of the website traffic.


We worked facing many challenges

The client did have existing backlinks profile. Therefore, an initial thorough checkup had to be done to make sure there wasn’t any bad links that would affect the website rankings in the long run.
We found that the existing links were of moderate and low quality which was a hindrance in improving the site’s search engine rankings.

After primary analysis of the Client's website we decided to focus on achieving the following Objectives and Goals:
1. Bring Keyword Rankings to's 1st Page
2. Build the Business into an Authority
3. Deliver positive ROI for the Business using Search Engine Traffic
We decided to move on with the On-Page work and then take care of the initial branding. Once that was taken care of we moved on to Off-Page section.Our Time Frame for was dependent on how we help the website perform in Search Engine rankings.
Here's how we planned out our overall Strategy:
Phase 1 –
Fix On-Page Issues and Implement new tactics.
Phase 2 -
Build Stronger Backlinking Profile with Quality and Authoritative Backlinks to the Website.We started working on the website from January, 2014. As you can see in the above screenshot we first worked on the On-Page SEO[1st Phase].After fixing the on-page errors we shifted towards strategic link building[2nd Phase].The Search Engine Rankings started flowing in along with the increase of search impressions. We also started local level SEO and that benefited the Client's website tremendously.
For a better picture here is the Keyword ranking screenshot:
Right before we achieved our ranking targets, most of the keywords had already started ranking in the 1st Page of Client was given an approximate time frame of 6-8 months but we were succeeded in achieving our primary objectives and goals within 4-5 months time frame.

How our services bring about success