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We built a unique Hybrid App for Trading in Scrap Metal Industry

We built a unique Hybrid App for Trading in Scrap Metal Industry



Our client has a unique trading and commodity platform for all those involved in the scrap metal recycling and electronic scrap industry.

This platform not only gives the opportunity to use the seamless mobile and online platform that caters to buying and selling needs but also provides market knowledge, international commodity movements, and advice from professionals specific to this industry.
The client wanted us to build a website and a hybrid application which lets buyers and sellers from national and international markets to connect with each other and buy and sell scrap quickly and effortlessly.
To efficiently cater to the needs of the buyers and sellers, the website and the app needed to have every specific functionality and features.


As the platform connects buyers and sellers from both national and international markets, the interface had to be easy to handle and should allow hassle free registration and login process across a wide range of web browsers, operating systems and devices.

There should be a system to allow both the admin and the seller to upload product images, price and descriptions.
Create the option to let buyers browse through the wide range of product listings and categories and get in touch with the web admin.
Allow access to the sellers to update the inventory on the site and the app from time to time and maintain the records and also allow bulk product upload.
Develop an admin interface for controlling and operating the website and the application from the back-end. It shall give the admin an end to end access to mange the buyers, sellers and all the contents.

To deliver a high performance website and application we divided the development process into:
  • Project Initiation
  • System Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Development
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Documentation
  • Go Live
As a solution to the client’s requirements, we progressed with:
  • Android Mobile Application Design and Development
  • iOS Mobile Application Design and Development
  • Server Side Application Development (Web back end)
We started off with the design process by creating the mock-up of the homepage, registration and login screens for the app. It included the menu structure and the elements as well. The ultimate goal was to design in a way to catch and hold the users attention. Our client was happy with the proposed design hence we progressed to design the inner pages in accordance to it followed by HTML creation and slicing. Post completing the design phase, we proceeded with the front-end development of the website and the application. Creating a well built and good looking graphical user interface is super important for offering a great user experience. It is our foremost priority to make the users’ navigation path as smooth as possible to help them find what they want.
So, on the homepage, we included every option to help them out:
  • A header including Login & Registration drop-downs and logo.
  • A search bar to enable users search a product within the website.
  • A sliding banner section.
  • A header menu with product categories, testimonials, contact us, etc.
  • As the platform focuses on worldwide buyers and sellers, we made it hassle-free and quick to register on or login to the platform.
We enabled users to register as a buyer, a seller or both ensuring they get all the needed functionalities attached.
For sellers, we enabled functionality to:
  • Manage their account - name, email change, password reset, etc.
  • Manage their seller profile - their business description, profile, etc.
  • Manage products - upload product details like price, description, quantity, etc.
  • View orders - see all the orders (open and completed) from the buyers and keep recordsIV.View orders - see all the orders (open and completed) from the buyers and keep records
For buyers, we enabled functionality to:
  • Manage their account - name, email change, password reset, etc.
  • Manage their seller profile - their business description, profile, etc.
  • Manage requests - view the Product listings, contacted sellers, etc.
  • Contact - this includes a form for placing a query with the seller or the admin.
The users registered as both buyer and seller, we combined and enabled all the buyer and seller functionalities for them. For both buyers and sellers, all these options together made it effortless for the users to trade securely and enjoy a quality trading experience. Now, for the owners of the app (our client) there had to be an option to operate and control the entire website and the application. It had to be like a ‘Control Room’ for managing all the contents, users and all the processes.
So, we created a secured back-end web admin interface with the following functionalities:
  • A secured admin login option
  • Manage the admin account
  • Add, Remove or Block buyers
  • Add, Remove or Block sellers
  • Manage products - add/edit/delete product details and images
  • Manage product categories
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage contents - add, edit upload or delete content and images from the website or the app
For server side scripting, we used Node.js web server with Angular 2 framework and MongoDB database program. This helped us create a cross platform functional, fast and robust application. Using Ionic 2 framework for Android front-end development with Eclipse Juno & JDK, we developed the app to run smoothly on devices with Android 4.0 and above. For the iOS front-end, we used Ionic 2 framework and Xcode 8.1 for quick development, low costs, and minimal maintenance. We did thorough code reviews and multiple rounds of testing at every stage of development to eliminate any flaws and glitches. With our dedicated development team and sturdy delivery process, we cut down our client’s development costs by 50%. We delivered a responsive, well structured and highly functional website and hybrid application to help them grow their online metal trading platform to the next level.

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