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We built a Mobile App which makes it super easy to donate

We built a Mobile App which makes it super easy to donate

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Our client owns a mobile application that makes it super easy to donate money to charity.

The application provides the option for users to select the bank they transact with and the charities they want to give their money.
When the users finish a transaction via the selected bank, it simply rounds up the spare change and gives it to the charities of their choice.
The client wanted us to develop and design a mobile application which would let users donate their spare change money to charities they want.
The donation process needed to be automated and based on the choices and preferences of the app user.
The users would have the option to select the cause for which they want to donate, their donation amount preference, and the bank via which they want to give the money to charity.


The user will select the charities and specify a bank Credit or Debit Card details. The application will extract and monitor the transactions related to the specified bank details.

To implement an account aggregation service to integrate the users’ transaction history and details.
Create an algorithm which will calculate the rounded up amount (to the nearest dollar) for every transaction and keep the spare change for charity. A wallet system to be implemented to keep these spare amount up to a specified limit. Once the amount accumulates to a certain limit it has to be released for payment to the charities.
The algorithm needs to divide and pay the accumulated amount equally among the charities. As it involves deduction of money from a user’s account, it needs to be error free.
Implement an app and server security with vulnerability handling. Also, a payment gateway to be implemented.
To create an Admin interface functionality to let the admin have comprehensive access to the back-end of the mobile application.

Implementation of Plan

We moved forward with Android and iOS Mobile Application Design and Development and Server-Side Application Development for the project. We proposed integrated development environments like Eclipse and Xcode, and Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for developing the mobile application’s front end.

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For application and server security, multiple security features were enabled on both the mobile and the server side including the following:
  • Private and Confidential Data Encryption (DES, MDS Hashing)
  • SSL/HTTPS Protocol
  • Role based Permissions and Access Control Management
  • Protection against SQL Injection & Cross Site Scripting
  • Session Protection
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • 2 Point Authentication
  • IP Tracking
For managing the vulnerability of the mobile application, vulnerability tests were conducted to determine the level of security from an end user’s perspective. It was confirmed to be safe against leakage of confidential data, denial of service and any other attacks. A Secured Mobile Application Admin interface was built for the client. This interface allowed functionality ranging from Admin Login, User Management, Managing Charity partners, access to user transaction histories, push-notification, and payment management. With our robust delivery model and dedicated hiring process, our client has managed to save about 50% costs on the project. Also, the application has been a big success for our client.

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