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A Unique App that Captures Life’s Precious Moments

A Unique App that Captures Life’s Precious Moments



Our client is super passionate about helping people capture life’s most precious memories.

That is why they came up with the idea of an app that empowers users to capture the story behind life’s most precious moments and turn them into real, tangible products like audio enabled photo books.
The app moves at the speed of life allowing the users to take photos, add captions in real time, and create custom audio-enabled photo books easily and seamlessly.


The application being one of a kind, had its own unique set of hurdles and challenges.

As the app needed to let users create audio enabled photo books, it had to be really smooth and easy to operate and navigate.
Also, the app needed to be engaging with a multitude of options for merging audio clips with photos, picture and sound effects, image editing, etc. without compromising on the quality, utility, and the level of ease a user should enjoy.

Implementation of Plan

To begin with the project, we recorded all the requirements of the client with granular details and acquired an in-depth perception. Based on the features and functionalities specified by the client, the design team created UI mock-ups, wire-frames, and visualizations, and then shared with the client for their feedback and inputs.

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The admin interface allowed the app admins to have control over all the following aspects:
  1. User Management - Add/Remove/Edit/Block all the registered users and access the details they have uploaded.
  2. Order Management - Access all the order details mark Completed, Ongoing or Canceled as and when required.
  3. Content Management - Manage all the contents (audio, visual, and text) of the app including the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, FAQs, etc.
  4. Coupon Management - Add/Remove/Edit the coupons offered to the users and their conditions.
  5. Price Management - Manage prices for purchasing premium features and books along with the shipping and handling charges.
  6. Book Management - Manage the format of books, the guidelines for creating audio-visual memory books, etc.
We also created a system which automatically notifies the admin whenever an order is placed or a payment is confirmed. With regular and rigorous code reviews at every step of development and multiple rounds of testing we expunged all issues and glitches in the app which we identified. With our on-demand hiring and dedicated resource options, our client was able to pull down their costs of app development by 50%, which added to their bottom line and paved a way for a successful business through the app.

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