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Ecommerce App for Buyers and Sellers

Ecommerce App for Buyers and Sellers



Our client wanted an e-commerce setup that lets users buy and sell a wide variety of items online and get the delivery of wholesale and retail products.

They wanted the online shopping application to let users buy locally or internationally with all relevant features and payment methods. Also, let the sellers manage, showcase and sell their products.
The application needed to be engaging and should offer a fulfilling experience to the users and also should be robust enough in order to handle hundreds of users simultaneously.


An e-commerce setup was needed to be built which would have complete set of features and functionalities for the buyers and sellers including a built-in selling portal and interface for the sellers to manage, display, and sell their products.

The application needed to be well built for accommodating all the buyers and sellers without compromising on the user experience and flexibility.
The app should be able to display products to the users by learning from their product searches within the app and the items in their wishlist. Also, an intrinsic messaging system was required which would let the buyers and sellers communicate and exchange information.

Implementation of Plan

We started off with understanding and documenting the client’s requirements and preferences in detail. On the basis of the features and functionalities as specified by the client, our design team began with the UI mock-up creation. We created wire-frames and visualizations, and shared with the client for their feedback.

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We developed the application with 3 facets:
  • Mobile Application
  • Seller Interface
  • Admin Interface
The features and functionalities we enabled are as follows:
Mobile App
We enabled products to be displayed randomly at first, but after few searches by the users and their wishlist items, products will be displayed accordingly. Advanced filters based upon the type, price, brand, etc. were enabled to let users search and find exactly the products they are looking for. Currency exchange rate system was integrated to let foreign users get the price of a product in their local currency. Push notifications were enabled related to offers, product addition to wishlist, reply from seller, item delivery, etc. We added sliders on the top of the app homepage showing the latest and special offers. With an in-built messaging system we made, the buyers can communicate with the product sellers directly and get the information they are looking for. The app was also designed to show seller items to the users based upon their current location.
Seller Interface
We created a secure login option for the sellers using a confirmed email id and an alphanumeric password. A comprehensive dashboard was built which gives an easy access to manage products, check transaction/order history, manage profile, respond to buyer queries, generate reports, etc. The dashboard let the seller admins to add, remove or modify any products in the inventory, set payment preferences, change price/discounts/offers, etc. The dashboard will also let admins view and download order/transaction history, revenue reports, manage their seller profile details, and login options.
Admin Panel
For the application admin, we built a web based interface giving all the necessary accesses and functions to operate and manage the e-commerce setup. The panel lets the admin add, remove or edit all the registered customers, view their details and block in case needed. Also, it lets manage the sub-admins and their roles and privileges. The panel gives and end to end array of options to manage all the contents including banners, product descriptions, terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc. It also lets the super admin manage the categories, products, orders, all the sellers, message broadcast and notification settings, and currencies and payment methods. We created an auto email system that sends out emails whenever: an order is placed & confirmed, invoice is generated, message by a seller/buyer, product delivery, review submission, etc. We did thorough code reviews and multiple rounds of testing at every stage of development to eliminate any flaws and glitches in the application. With our on-demand hiring and dedicated resource options, we helped our client cut down their app development costs by 50% which added to increasing their bottom line and pave way for a successful business model.

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