Women’s Day: An Empowering Celebration of the Brainium Women

Women’s Day: An Empowering Celebration of the Brainium Women
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Women’s Day: An Empowering Celebration of the Brainium Women

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”—Serena Williams. 

True it is! We are stronger and more impactful when we empower and inspire each other, even with the smallest of gestures. That has always been at the core of the work culture fostered by the Brainium women. Women’s Day might be a day on the calendar, but with us, that “one day” is our EVERY DAY! Still, why spare a chance to celebrate each other on 8th March? It’s a recurring tradition that has been going on since the company commenced operations; a day when we congregate in merriment with our fellow Brainites, while rejoicing the power of womanhood.

International Women’s Day, 8th March 2022

As mentioned already, it’s a Brainium tradition to celebrate women’s day in the office premises. It is to acknowledge the value that they bring to the team and their consistent efforts in driving the company towards progress, while expertly balancing work and life. But this year the celebration was a tad bit more special; so let’s get to the good parts.

No Celebration without some Cake!

The COVID pandemic had put a dent in our office gatherings and events for the past couple of years. So, this year was extra special for all. And obviously, what’s a celebration without some cake! The happy hour began as the women sliced through the creamy and fudgy delectable.

Freezing Moments in Frame

Cake-cutting was quickly followed with some clicks and flashes. Moments captured become memories that remain with you forever. Maybe not “inside the pocket of your ripped jeans” but in one of the thousands of folders on your devices. Years later you will come across the pictures and relive the moments again.

Unboxing the Prosperity of Jade

The Brainium women were gifted a Jade plant each; lush green succulents in a beautiful ceramic planter with the hopes and wishes that prosperity and good luck never leave their lives.

Surprise Announcement

The highlight of this years’ Women’s Day celebration was yet to come in the form of a surprise announcement. The best kept for the last! The HR informed all that the female employees will get Menstrual Leave, effective from April 2022; one paid leave each month to rest and rejuvenate. 

The Brainium women welcomed this new policy change, sharing their views on the same:

Although women have been advocating the cause of Menstrual/Period leaves all over the world for years now, very few companies have included made the necessary changes in their employee policy; not even the leading MNCs. It makes Brainium one of the few organizations to acknowledge the needs of its female employees, prioritizing their well-being above well.    

On a concluding note, the women in our office, in our house, in our society; deserve to be celebrated and empowered not just one day but every day. Let’s keep reminding that to each other, before we meet again for another 8th March.      

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