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Wickets and Cheers, Sixes and Smiles: Brainium’s Cricket Tournament 2024


Wickets and Cheers, Sixes and Smiles: Brainium’s Cricket Tournament 2024

Cricket might not be the national game of India but every Indian bleeds blue when it comes to cricket tournaments. Every child grows up playing cricket in an Indian household be it on the pitched fields or the ‘galis’ of the North Kolkata and Delhi.

From cheering at the dada’s ‘chakka’ to the phenomenal play of Kapil Dev in the 1983’s Worldcup where India beat West Indies, every Indian surely loves this game that was once the Britisher’s cup of tea.

The Match Day

 All work and no play make Jack a Dull boy!

This proverb is rightly justified as Brainium makes sure that work life is well balanced with fun and frolic. Hence, Brainium organised a cricket tournament for all the Brainites on 12th January 2024. The match witnessed unbridled passion with the fierce spirit of competition among the employees.

Team Players and Winner’s Trophy

While the men’s cricket team had 4 groups with around 15 members each, the women’s cricket match had 2 groups. The match kicked off on the pleasant winter morning of 12th January at the FC Cricket Ground in Salt Lake. The tournament set the field for an unforgettable journey as both the men’s and women’s cricket matches were electrifying. Each member of the team played fiercely, and our CEO Mr. Sourav Sinha took over the most important role of an umpire.

The tough matches between the 4 teams of men’s cricket witnessed the face-off between the black team and the red team in which Team Red emerged as the winner and took over the trophy. On the other hand, the efforts of the girls were well visible on the field as the women’s tournament witnessed Team Black as the emerging winner. However, Team Green also played well and it was a strong turf between the two teams that brought out some cherishing moments.

Corporate Spirit United By Love For Cricket

With the end of Brainium’s cricket tournament, the corporate peer spirit of camaraderie was well captured as every team member cheered for the winners. In addition to celebrating the game, the match promoted a sense of connection demonstrating that every run scored and every wicket taken speaks of an organization united by a shared love of cricket. From boardrooms to stadiums and clients to cricket pitches, the transition was a sheer joy and a corporate spectacle.

As we bid farewell by congratulating this year’s winners and cheering for every individual that made this cricket tournament a fun and tough competition, we look forward to the next year’s tournament.

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