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Blankets of Hope: Wrapping Up Communities with Warmth


Blankets of Hope: Wrapping Up Communities with Warmth

‘The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention’. – Oscar Wilde

As an individual in society, we have a certain responsibility towards the people who mainly belong to the economically backward section. Every profit and non-profit organization strives to bring positive change in society by giving back and contributing to the less privileged people struggling to earn basic needs. The revolutionary impact of CSR goes beyond profits and market share of the corporate sector.

Brainium has been conducting its CSR for years now. We make sure that our contribution extends beyond the workplace and demonstrates how being dedicated to social and environmental impact may redefine the basic principles of business. With our impactful CSR activities, where profitability meets purpose, and where every step echoes a commitment, we strive to make the world a better place.

Sopan Welfare Foundation constantly works for Women’s Empowerment, Education for all, and Assistance for Elderly people. Last month, Sopan collaborated with Brainium to organize a Blanket Distribution Drive for the villagers of Mallickpara, Sarberia. Sopan has a free school and a coaching centre for the village kids who come from severely economically backward families. These people are so less privileged that they mostly live in huts and mud houses as a result of which they face the significant brunt of winter. The chilly winter nights are distressing making their life harder. Therefore, Sopan aimed to offer its helping hand in providing the basic blanket to drive out the cold bites that disrupt the villager’s life every winter.

Such initiatives for social welfare require financial aid to make it successful. Brainium has always stood for helping the marginally low section of society and showcasing a sense of community care and well-being. As a result, we instantly decided to join the initiative in providing comfort and bringing warmth to the lives of the villagers of Sarberia from the harsh winter’s blow.

The Blanket Distribution Drive was organized on an auspicious day of 23rd January, otherwise the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The blankets evolved from merely a means of warmth to becoming a representation of humanity, unity, and care.

This CSR endeavor significantly impacted the lives of the recipients in addition to meeting a basic need. Reminding the villagers that they are not alone on their journey, promoted a sense of belonging. The volunteers from the Sopan Welfare Foundation have worked tirelessly to make this campaign successful added with Brainium’s involvement. From distributing the blankets to sharing the stories of their struggles of daily life, the initiative turned out to be successful and represented that corporate responsibility goes beyond the four walls of the high-rise buildings.

While Sopan Welfare has been working relentlessly for the marginally backward people with several projects and initiatives, we at Brainium Information Technologies look forward to collaborating for more such campaigns in the future.

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