Remote or Local Developers: Who Will Be More Beneficial for Businesses Post COVID-19?

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Remote or Local Developers: Who Will Be More Beneficial for Businesses Post COVID-19?

As the world is bidding adieu to the traditional office culture, business organizations should be aware of the pros and cons of hiring remote developers.

The global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has brought about some massive changes in our lives. From personal to professional, it has touched every cord of our daily lives. With social distancing being the only savior, it became mandatory to transition to remote work at a rapid pace.

With each passing day, it becomes more evident that the effect of the pandemic is nowhere to die down soon, and hence, remote work is going to be the new normal for quite some time now.

In the meantime, are you wondering who will be a better fit for your organization: a remote or a local developer? Here is the answer to your question.

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Developer

The path of hiring remote developers has been shown by the US back in 2015 when approximately 300,000 full-time employees were hired for remote work. Initially, the employers were somewhat skeptical about hiring remote developers.

However, with the passage of time, they realized that location can never be a hindrance to an expert.

1. Access to the Global Workforce

Regional proximity often becomes a barrier that significantly restricts the selection of the right candidate when hiring a full-time employee. This eventually curtails some promising options thereby, making the employers depend on the services which are available locally. However, with remote developers, the case is completely different. Employers can easily reach out to better talents and more knowledgeable brains without any additional expenses. Hiring remote developers offers the most popular benefit of providing the opportunity to go for a professional and competent developer instead of settling for the average one.

2. A Boost in Productivity

According to a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review, employers consider remote employees more competitive than those working in traditional office culture. After continuous monitoring of the remote workers over a duration of nine months, the survey report shows that the employees who work from home are less prone to fall sick and hence, generate greater productivity.

3. Cost-Effective

Hiring virtual developers ensures saving a substantial sum of money as he/she does not use any office resources like the building, electricity, internet, etc. This element is a significant milestone for any company, even the startups with a lower budget. Especially, in such crucial times when a major economic crisis struck the globe, businesses are seeking to assess their condition and establish a plan to reduce costs without losing their profitability. Outsourcing in this situation is a competitive and cost-saving technique that is also able to increase output.

4. Flexible Working Hours

Flexibility in working hours plays a pivotal role when it comes to increasing the efficiency of the workers. Remote developers operate under a strict timeframe to ensure the best output and efficiency standards. In this way, the worker chooses the timing that better suits his / her lifestyle. On the other side, the managers too do not require to keep a strict eye on the working hours of the employee as long as he is getting his deliveries on time. Hence, both the employer and the employee benefit from the flexibility in working hours.

5. Increase in Employee Retention Rates

Remote employees enjoy better work-life balance as well as a healthy lifestyle which leads to more employee satisfaction than someone traveling to the office on a daily basis. Therefore, they generate better productivity thereby, satisfying the employer which eventually, leads to greater retention rates.

6. Digital Marketing

With the ongoing pandemic, the only way to successfully run the business is to get onto the digital platform. However, there are many organizations that have not gone fully digital until now or are not very well-versed in the digital platform. So, hiring remote developers will give them an opportunity to stress the importance of the digitalization of the organization.

7. Reduce Travel Cost

If a company hires remote developers, then the employee doesn’t need to travel to the location of the organization, be it in the country or abroad. This will reduce the expenses on the part of the organization as it can skip providing the employee with travel or visa cost.

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Different sectors with secured data

Though the world is stepping towards remote work and it is going to continue for a long time now, there are some hindrances lying on the way. There are some sectors like healthcare, pharmaceutical, banking and finance, insurance, and more that deal with secured data. It is a challenge for the developers of these sectors to work remotely as it is impossible to handle these data anywhere other than the secured network of the organizations. These sectors can hire only local developers until they come up with provisions that enable developers to work outside the company network thereby, keeping the data security intact.

Update Technology and HR Policy

To cope with the rapid pace of digitalization, it is very important to upgrade the technology and HR policies of the organization. If a company hires a remote developer, it needs to provide him/her with the proper tools and meeting apps to enable him/her to catch up with the employer and manager when required. Apart from that, for the remote developers, HR needs to conduct induction and training sessions through digital platforms. So, it is mandatory for HR to be well versed in the use of the latest tools and technologies and to make the new employee comfortable in the new organization.

Last Word

It is impossible to overlook the benefits of hiring a remote developer. Therefore, if an organization has the basic fundamentals of hiring a remote developer, then it should go for it as there is no point in setting a limitation on the availability of the number of better options. Also, with the availability of several tools and technologies in modern times, it becomes easier for the employer to connect with the employee virtually. However, organizations with no provision for remote work have to depend on local developers.

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