How Mobile Apps Can Change the Education Sector?

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How Mobile Apps Can Change the Education Sector?

It wasn’t too long back when there were debates in the national television on whether mobile phones should be banned in educational institutions. Most schools banned them while colleges tried their hand at policing, unsuccessfully in most cases though! The advent of Smartphones has opened up new possibilities in education. Now it is being seen as a facilitator for future education. If everything from bill payments to shopping to preparing balance sheets can be done on a Smartphone it definitely holds answers to some of the perennial issues in the field of education especially in the developing parts of the world.
People with a stake in the education sector don’t see Smartphones as a nuisance in campuses anymore think of them as the next big revolution that would better education system. On the face of it, Smartphones can impart lessons in a better manner and break barriers in terms of offering the same level of education to students in the hinterland as in mega cities. As a sign of encouragement governments have also got involved in this visionary concept much like educational institutions. Let us take a look at how mobile apps can change the education sector forever.
# Kill The Distance
Student’s location has been a differentiator as far as access to quality education is concerned especially at the elementary stage. It is hard to imagine a kid in mid-Wales have access to the same kind of education as someone born in Oxfordshire or teachers in a remote village school in Vidharba have the same credentials as counterparts in Mumbai. Mobile apps can kill this distance and offer lessons of the same quality in terms of videos, charts and other teaching material to students irrespective of their location. Also, parents would find it easy to monitor the progress the performance of their children and stay updated with their report cards, routines and exam schedules at the tap of a screen.
# Taming Entrance Tests
Take the case of India when it comes to entrance examinations for the top institutions a few cities such as Kota and New Delhi seem to account for the bulk of successful students. Coaching centers in these cities put students through an industrial process which is often inhuman, to say the least, and create more failures (which obviously don’t appear in newspapers, flyers, and banners) than successes. Mobile apps can make entrance coaching accessible to students in their own hometowns where they live with their families. Here they would be in a better frame of mind to tame these neck-breaking exams and not develop a fear of failure.
# Showcasing Skills
How often have we heard of small town students complaining of not finding a platform to prove their mantle? Mobile apps not only allow students to showcase their skills and talent on a national scale or a global stage. Whether it’s taking part in the different Olympiads or seeking to fund for an innovative idea, education based apps can open up an ocean of opportunities for the students and let them succeed in life.
To sum up, the possibilities are just limitless with educational based apps and embracing this technology. They would open up many new windows and change the educational sector for good and forever.

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