How to Improve Revenue and Keep Users Engaged To Your App

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How to Improve Revenue and Keep Users Engaged To Your App

The launch of iPhone in 2007 marked the beginning of an era that has since redefined the world of technology. Before this, phones were seen as communication tools with information and entertainment features being mere add-ons. The iPhone planted seeds of new world order in the field of mobiles and technology at large. If iOS laid foundations of the Smartphone era, Android took this technology to the masses with over two billion people actively using Smartphones in the world today. But with millions of apps out there grappling for user attention, only a small fraction of apps can meet desired goals. So, how do you beat these odds? How do you become the preferred choice of the users? And even more important, how do you increase your revenue with the app? Let us take a look at few things that would help you improve revenues and also keep users engaged to your app.

# Download versus Retention
Two years ago most businesses and app developers would be excited over the number of downloads. But most have realized soon enough that more number of downloads neither helps increase their brand value nor revenues, given poor app retention rates. An estimated 25% of all apps downloaded are used only once by the users. The number of apps that would be used twice or thrice and stats suggest that 80% of all apps downloaded are uninstalled within 90 days. Hence you must focus on increasing your retention rate and surviving the most challenging 90 days on a user’s device to create your niche space in the competitive market.

# Upping The Usage
Once you have been able to survive the competition and earned your territory on a user’s device, you need to work on strategies to improve app usage. Let’s state facts, your app staying installed on a user’s device doesn’t help your goals. The majority of the apps are used sparsely as users often have multiple apps for the same purpose. Thus your goal should be to improve user engagement. This is possible when you offer regular incentives to the users in terms of new features, more engaging interface and any other kind of benefit that is possible within your realms.

# Monetize Passively
It is estimated that less than 3% of the users are willing to pay upfront to use an app or in other words pay to download. This is where most developers and businesses have opted for in-app advertisement. It has become the most productive way of monetization. However, here too you need to be smart with the way you increase revenues. Ideally, you should do it in a passive way where the ads are seamlessly matted with the app experience. These ads can be in various forms such as videos, in-app purchases and other means where they are nicely stitched within the UX.

# Don’t Intrude User Experience
While you can try different kinds of in-app advertising techniques you must make sure that they don’t intrude into User Experience and become an irritant for the user. App abandonment is on the rise and your user is just one tap away from uninstalling the app if the navigation and usage are even a bit affected by such advertisements. Your end goal must be to engage the users and this would translate into revenues sooner than later.

Keep these things in mind and you will be able to monetize your app and keep your users engaged.

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