Leadership Trends that Matter in 2022 for Your Organization

Leadership Trends that Matter in 2022 for Your Organization
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Leadership Trends that Matter in 2022 for Your Organization

What should we expect from 2022? How can leadership management improve to leverage the potential of the New Year? Well, a New Year means new beginnings and opportunities. It also means new challenges, some of which might be unprecedented. But before going there, let’s take a few moments reminiscing the last two years of the current decade. Why? It’s because there is no better teacher than the past, and lessons are better learned through experiences and mistakes. Be patient with me; ultimately it would help you better understand the leadership trends to be discussed later in this write-up.

Rewinding Two Years of the Pandemic:

The horrors of 2020 would remain engraved in our memory forever. When 2021 arrived every one rejoiced at the thought that finally, the nightmare would be over, especially with the governments starting their vaccination drives and the decline in COVID cases. The economy was showing positive signs of recovery and global markets were opening up too. What most didn’t expect, were the unprecedented onslaughts of new COVID-variants and the related problems that followed across countries, like after-shocks of a calamity.

Nevertheless, it was not all dark and gloomy in 2021. We did make progress in reforming the systems that completely broke down due to the COVID outbreak. Although the masks remained on, we were able to travel again, get back the lost taste of our weekend entertainment through a hiking, camping, and visiting the malls, restaurants, and theatres. It allowed small and mid-level businesses, the worst sufferers of the pandemic to get back up from where they fell.

If 2020 was all about the destructive force of COVID, then 2021 focused on tackling the new variants, fortifying the old systems, and rebuilding. Time literally flies, because here we are, already wishing “Happy New Year 2022” to family, friends, colleagues, and clients, not to mention, bracing for the brand new Omicron variant. So, what did we learn in the last two years? What leadership trends will shape the New Year, and inadvertently the work culture of the global organizations? Let’s get to the answers!

Top Leadership Trends that will Shape 2022:

In this era of teamwork, why is leadership still the driving force in the growth of an organization? It’s because every ship needs a captain to steer clear of the icebergs and sail safely past the storms. Good leadership is the compass that drives the organization in the right direction; it is also the anchor that holds everything in one place. Hence, your leadership practices will ultimately decide the fate of your organization.

The thing about leadership practices or leadership management is that it keeps evolving as per the current economic and market trends. On that note, here are the leadership development trends; version 2022.

  1. Build a Regenerative Work Environment: By now we have all become aware of the Great Resignation and the discontent amongst employees regarding work pressure, company policies, ad work timings, etc. that have led to the same. The issues that remained suppressed for so many years, finally surfaced amid the COVID-pandemic-lockdown. Ever since the resignation spree, companies have been exploring retention strategies to prevent their top talent from quitting. However, would that be enough? Is discontent the only reason behind the Great Resignation?

    According to experts, there’s more than meets the eye, and that the world is too engrossed with just the tip of the issue. That’s where the first leadership practice in this list comes into play. A lot of you might be thinking sustainability is the answer to all your retention worries; instead, you should be focusing on building a regenerative work culture and environment for the employees.

    It’s about implementing practices that improve the productivity of the employees, help them increase their potential, and explore new avenues, to keep the scope of work interesting. Such stimulating experiences can create an environment that enriches the employee’s professional life, deleting stress, boredom, and stagnancy from work, which are some of the prime reasons your top talent makes the switch.

  2. Prioritize Health and Well-Being: All work and no play; that’s not going to work anymore. It’s a notion and practice of the past decade, but with the onset of the new decade and the pandemic, it’s time to say goodbye to that age-old corporate trend. Not sure if you have noticed or not, but the ordeal of 2020 has brought significant change in the mindset of people. The same employee, who was content working hours on a project, pulling all-nighters is now prioritizing quality time with family, a good night’s sleep, and overall a good bill of health.

    Since the general viewpoint has changed, you need to change as well. Otherwise, you will witness yourself and your organization languishing in the back, while the others move past and ahead of you. Hence, you must create an infrastructure that gives importance to the employee’s health and well-being.

    The same culture should reflect within the leadership of the company, and it has to start from there. When you showcase a healthy work and life balance, your employees acknowledge and adopt the same without feeling obligated.

    Here are a few other ways that you can ensure a health-first environment;
    • Create a supportive work environment where there is always aid available for mental health issues in the form of counseling and coaching.
    • Foster an approach that encourages and incentivizes healthy practices and an active lifestyle.
    • The people in leadership positions should imbibe an empathetic attitude towards the employees and subordinates.
    • Introduce flexible working hours, especially for working mothers and reform employee policies involving insurance and health benefits.

      There is a massive space for improvement in this domain, because we are aware of the extent to which we had been ignoring our mental and physical health, before COVID came to shake us out of that state.

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  3. Inclusivity in Work Culture: Our technology might have become multi-dimensional, but sadly the work culture to this day remains static with a myopic approach. Pay disparity, unfair treatment, and racism (the worst of all) are still some of the most prevalent complaints at workplaces; issues that should have become non-existent by now.

    Hence, your priority for this year is inclusivity and creating an egalitarian culture in the workplace, where everyone is treated fairly and judged as per their capability and contribution in the organization. Once you make this a norm, you will witness an increase and improvement in productivity, propelling the overall growth.

    You can start by assessing the cultural ratio of your workplace, and run a survey of how each employee feels in the organization. If you feel that there is a lack in the multi-cultural front then make a note of it in your next recruitment drive. Next, you need to assess the gender ratio, and make appropriate modifications there. It’s high time we start judging people by their work and talent rather than their orientation, class, and gender.

    It is essential that the under-represented people should feel free to seek out help and support whenever needed. Last but not the least; you also need to reform the pay policies of the organization. Try to minimize the pay gap by reassessing and restructuring the remuneration norms and HR regulations.

  4. Invest in Digitization: Not every business plummeted during the COVID pandemic of 2020. Some not only remained afloat but also managed to make profits. The list includes small and mid-level companies as well. Do you know who these businesses were? Most of these organizations were the early adopters of digitization.

    With an already advanced infrastructure, they had no problem switching to remote working or implementing the necessary changes to accommodate the new normal. If you are yet to take that step, I hate to break it to you but you are one of the late risers, but there is still time to buck up and embrace the digital transformation. 2022 is the year to transform your business architecture through digital transformation.

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Wrapping Up!:

Concluding the first post of 2022 with lots of positive thoughts and hope that the readers utilize and implement these leadership trends to the benefit of their organization; to foster a scalable infrastructure and work culture that would be ready to defy all odds and adversities! Looking forward to a year filled with possibilities to surpass potentials and challenges addressed with gumption.

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