Brainium Lights Up on Christmas Eve

Brainium Lights Up on Christmas Eve
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Brainium Lights Up on Christmas Eve

It’s been a few days, but we are still basking in the warmth of the Christmas spirit, gearing up to usher in another New Year, the year 2022. But before we get all gushy about it, let’s rewind and revisit the fun-filled Christmas Eve at Brainium Infotech.

“Work Hard, Party Harder”…

The Brainites live by this cardinal rule. We do not miss a single occasion of merriment; a chance to get together and have some fun together as a family. The pandemic might have put a kink on our order of celebrations, but since the staff members had completed their shots, there was nothing to dampen our Christmas spirit. Abiding by all the COVID protocols, we had an intimate Brainium Family get-together on Christmas Eve. The occasion was also graced by our Co-founders Mr. Asif Ahmed, Mr. Mukesh Singh and Mr. Sourav Sinha. Here’s all that went down!

Fun, Games, and Lots of Laughter:

What’s Christmas without some frolicking with your workmates? 24th December was an evening filled with fun games, laughter, and pure camaraderie! Speaking of games;

Throw The Ball:

The game of hand-eye coordination! On one end, there stood a small paper cup aligned to the wall, while we were on the other side, ping-pong balls in hand. The challenge; we had to put the ball inside the cup. As the games began, there were hits and misses, but two stood out from the rest with their impeccably coordinated maneuvering of the ball into the tiny cup; our Throw the Ball winners, Sarmistha and Rahim. 

Flip The Bottle:

Flip the bottle and make it stand on its base! Lots of calculations and suggestions ensued concerning the water level, fill it more or empty a little bit. Many a flip later, we finally got our winner; a round of applause to our flip master Himadri.    

Pass The Present:

A different version of the musical chair! We stood in a circle and passed the present wrapped in red to the beats of Hips Don’t Lie in the background. Every time Shakira paused, the circle got smaller, and the last one standing was Pranay; well played! 

Blindfold Christmas Tree Drawing:

Throwing darts blindfolded, that’s pretty common. Even Legolas can do that. What we Brainites did was draw Christmas trees with the blinds on! And the Picasso of the evening was… drumroll, please… Ushasri. 

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All’s well that ends well, and what can be a better conclusion than some cheesy delicious pizza (no holds bar on chili flakes for our Scoville champs) and a slice of Christmas cake. An evening of festivity was just what we all needed to end this year on a joyful and positive note. See you all in the New Year!

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