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Glimpses of Holi Celebration 2023 at Brainium


Glimpses of Holi Celebration 2023 at Brainium

Holi is the festival that helps us set aside indifferences and celebrate unity in diversity.

We at Brainium, not only work together but make merry together too. Promoting a fun and dynamic work culture is what we always focus on to ensure our employees remain energetic and productive. And this time, our HR team made sure that we celebrate the festival of colours, Holi, together by splashing colours into our lives.  

Why is Holi celebrated? 

Holi is a fascinating cultural and religious celebration in India, and there are many stories about why it is celebrated. While some believe it’s commemorated to mark the arrival of the Spring season, others celebrate it as the victory of good over evil. Also, there’s another group of people that believe this day celebrates the divine and eternal love of Radha and Krishna. 

Rather than getting confused or fuelling the debate on what’s the real story behind the Holi celebration, we chose to focus on the part of merrymaking. On 6th March 2023, Brainites indulge in the Pre-holi celebrations at our office premises with great joy and laughter. 

“There’s a child in all of us.” 

And at Brainium, we always insist our employees to keep that child alive in them. Staying a bit childish, curious, and playful helps us nurture our creativity and think out of the box. And what can be a better opportunity other than Holi to engage our fellow Brainites in a fun and joyous celebration?

The celebration at Brainium

Our Holi celebration was about sprinkling colours on each other, spreading laughter, and capturing those beautiful moments on camera. All of us gathered at one common place in the office premises at a scheduled time to holi-fy ourselves with bright and vibrant colours like pink, yellow, green, red, and more. Though none of our faces was identifiable after the celebration, we ensured everything was mess-free, harmless, and joyful. Since we work on a hybrid model, the HR team organized a virtual meeting to ensure our hybrid employees don’t miss out on all the fun.  

What’s a celebration without some good food to relish? So, the commemoration continued with some delicious snacks and sweets to satisfy the taste buds of Brainites too. 

Pre-holi celebration at Brainium was an event of harmonizing unity, team spirit, and a sense of togetherness. And the gleeful, gulal-filled faces were a true testimony to the immense fun and enjoyment we had. 

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