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A Day to Celebrate the Women Brainites

A Day to Celebrate the Women Brainites

A Day to Celebrate the Women Brainites

We feel the strongest when we are appreciated with even a small gesture. Throughout history, women have been celebrated for their motherhood, sisterhood, and being a support system for their partners.

‘Goofy or Graceful,

Messy or Meticulous,

Either way, you are beautiful…’

With this lovely message, Brainium celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2023!

While Brainium takes proactive steps to empower women employees throughout the year, Women’s Day is very special to all of us. Supporting working women in the industry has always been a top priority for us.

An important announcement was made last year when our management announced the menstrual leave policy for all the women employees of Brainium.

This year, our CEO, Mr. Sourav Sinha announced that other policies regarding the wellness of working women would be implemented soon!

Some Heartfelt Gestures of Appreciation

After some encouraging words from Sourav Sinha, it was time for our women Brainites to receive wonderful tokens of love with cute coffee mugs. The most beautiful part about the gifts? Our female Brainites received them from their male co-workers!

After the gifts, it was time to take lots of pictures and videos to make the day truly memorable. These captured moments will be in a bundle of memories for our employees in the future.

Experiences Shared…

International Women’s Day comes with a lot of emotions for women. Here’s what one of our team members had to say about the day…

“I feel proud to be recognized for my contributions to the workplace.

It is admirable that our organization approaches Women’s Day thoughtfully and with sensitivity. The Company is working towards creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all women employees not just for one day, but throughout the year.”

Despite women proving their worth in the corporate world, only 23% of executives are women. Thus, not only empower, women in workplaces need support from you as a partner, colleague, and friend to balance their life. Working women in our society need to be celebrated and empowered every day!

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