The Future of IoT Industry – The Prediction You Must Know

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Future of IoT Industry – The Prediction You Must Know

If you have been in the industry of digital marketing and internet since the last few years, then you are surely familiar with the constant changes that keep happening here. Surely, you have heard about the latest paradigm shift in the industry as well. The growth of the internet is not just about the faster access, the more modern devices or the easier connectivity anymore but much more than that.  Now, the internet is connecting the multitude of devices that have been not possible before. From connecting your alarms to your cars, from turning your washing machines, robot vacuum cleaners, and door lock into smart devices, now all of these are possible with the IoT technology. Needless to say, the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm.

When such an innovative technology is becoming a thing in the world of digital marketing, the industry experts as well as the consumers are already too excited and have pegged it as the “Next Industrial Revolution.” But, there is enough skepticism too regarding embracing this technology in business. Now, if you are also in a dilemma whether you should think of making it a part of your business to stay ahead of your competitors, then you must know about the future of IoT. Take a look at the following points to know about the predictions by the industry experts.

The Estimated Growth by 2020

Keeping a tab on the latest happenings and trends in the market, the experts have prepared various reports. According to them, the most crucial piece of information is, by 2020, the internet will connect around 34 billion devices which are massive in comparison with 10 billion devices in 2015. Amongst this, IoT will connect 24 billion while the traditional computing device will connect around 10 billion.

Rise of Smart City

Since IoT will be the next big thing in the industries as well as in technology, more cities around the world will become smart and adopt this technology more in order to save time and money, thereby becoming more efficient in terms of providing the citizens with a more advanced and convenient living. Now, with the use of IoT, the cities will become automated, remotely managed and more secure for the citizens.

Businesses will be Top Adopter

Businesses will become more eager to embrace this technology in their industries. Needless to say, IoT offers a plethora of advantages to the users as well as helps in improvement of any brand. Adopting this technology will serve five purposes,

  • Lowering operating costs with more functional technology
  • Increasing productivity by lowering the burden of the employees
  • Expanding the business and its niche market
  • Developing new and more advanced products
  • Providing the consumers with tailored services

Government will be Interested Too

If you are thinking that IoT will be only limited to the businesses and industries, then you are mistaken. With the increasing functionality, demand and more popularity of the technology, the government will be adopting IoT in their system more eagerly than ever. The Internet of Things will serve four main purposes of government too-

  • Increasing productivity
  • Giving birth to a healthier society
  • Decreasing costs
  • Improving the quality of life of general citizens

Last but not the least, general consumers will be keen to adopt IoT, if not in a massive scale as businesses and governments, then too, they will invest quite a significant amount of money in the ecosystem of IoT.

So, if you are already considering adopting the technology and giving a competitive edge to your business, then come to us and we can tell you how IoT can benefit you more. Drop a mail at / now and let’s explore new possibilities of your business together.

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