4 Ways to Cut Facebook Ad Cost Drastically While Marketing Your App

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4 Ways to Cut Facebook Ad Cost Drastically While Marketing Your App

Those days are long gone when people used to sit in front of their computers and login to their Facebook accounts to chat or to browse the timeline. Now, in the era of digital revolution, they all access Facebook from their mobile devices, while on the go. Studies say, around 50% users only use mobile devices to use Facebook.

Since it is such a large demographic, needless to say, it contributes massively to the hopping amount of Facebook revenue of $5.6 billion only from ads. This fact has already driven many marketers towards marketing their apps through Facebook ads. As a result, it has become a cut-throat competition amongst the brands and marketers who are coming up with their apps every day.  However, amidst all these hullaballoo, it is also becoming quite tough for the marketers to make people download the app. If you want to stay ahead of all the competitors, win this fierce competition while also cutting down the cost of Facebook ads, then you need to follow a few ways. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Refine Your Audience

It is necessary to set a perfect demographic to run a Facebook ad successfully. Generally, marketers target age, country, and a couple or two interests. However, we recommend that you must dig deeper to find out your niche audience who will offer the maximum chances of installing the app. Take a look at the data that you got from analytics. Think of using that data while setting the demographic of the ad of Facebook. Use the culture, landmark of the cities, language, and psychographic information. Once you find a few users with these demographics, look into their social media profiles. The behavioral pattern that you will get from there can be used further to set more limits. Once you find the niche audience, you will be able to get more chances of conversion.

Effective Split Testing

Often marketers run bigger ad campaigns with more money. However, in most of the cases, these ads fail miserably to get any attention or attract potential chances of conversion. If you are thinking of running ads, then first try one thing at a time and within a low budget. Keep changing the content, image, Call-To-Action and website promotion but not all at the same time. Find out which part is working more with the proper budget. After that, try to stick to it. However, a bit of experimentation will benefit your brand and your marketing strategy.

Spy on Competition

If you want to survive the steep competition, you must not ignore what other competitors are doing. Find out what their strategies are, how they are marketing their app. This will give you a clear idea what more you can do to offer your target audience with something more unique in terms of experience. Also, take a look at the niche app marketers. Find out which ad is working like wonder with lots of engagement and visible proof of installation from the app store of your platform. Find out what USP is working in their favor. Try to incorporate those elements or improvise them in your image, icon, Call-To-Action or content. This step is crucial as it will build the future of Facebook ad of the app.

Optimize App Store Page

The aim of your Facebook ad for the app is not just converting your audience on the page itself. You also need to make sure that they are converting again when they land on the app store page, i.e., installing your app. In this case, visibility matters the most. Create an impact with the right optimization techniques. Make sure your icons, screenshots and app description don’t fail to compel the user to download the app immediately. Once you are done with the launching, get social proof of credibility. Ask your friends and associates to review the app so that it works as an influence in the market.

So, now as you know about the ways, you can cut cost and still get real-time profit from your app ad on Facebook, don’t waste time anymore. Implement these ideas in your strategies. If you seek professional help, then come to us. Give us a call at 713-489-0845 (USA, CAN) / (02)-9191-2621 (AUS) / (0)-203-514-2412 (UK) now and let’s talk about how to make it work.

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