4 Bootstrapping Growth Hacks for Your Content Marketing Campaign.

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4 Bootstrapping Growth Hacks for Your Content Marketing Campaign.

Since the advent of digital marketing, the world is witnessing the different and relentless streams of distracting content. In this hullaballoo, it becomes difficult for your potential consumers to notice your content. Hence, your content loses the chance to interact with your brand and you lose a potential chance of conversion. That is why when you are thinking of making a mark in the market, you need to make sure that your content marketing plan is just foolproof and effective for the growth of your brand.

As Bill Gates once rightly said, “content is king,” the market believes in that. However, just like a king who needs his policies of welfare and counsels of ministers to stay on the throne, content needs various growth hacks too that can make it effective eventually. Since the end goal of your digital marketing is getting more chances of conversion, a properly planned content marketing strategy is necessary. And when you are planning the strategies, make sure that you are incorporating the right growth hacks in it. What hacks am I talking about? Take a look at the following points to know more.

  • A/B Tested Headlines

When you are creating content, obviously you are targeting more clicks on it. Now, how will you ensure the maximum number of clicks on your blog? Simple; by creating a remarkably attractive and unique title! The title or the headlines are the first things that the consumers notice. If it doesn’t have that appeal, it will never get that desired number of clicks. Now, how will you determine the headline? The most effective way to optimize the headline is running A/B test on it. Generate more than 20 headlines for the content and run the test. You will get the most viral content with the amazing headline that is sure to get the most number of clicks.

  • Repurpose

Did a blog work really well in the past and get a maximum number of clicks? How about repurposing it again? Frankly, the attention span of people in the world of digital marketing is fickle. They don’t really remember the content for a long time. So, you can again use it without any issues. You can be a bit creative with the content too. Transform the blog in a video with websites like Animoto and update in YouTube or Slideshare. You can now use the video content on Social Media too.

  • Pop-Up CTA

If you are about to say that pop-ups are annoying, then let us tell you, the pop-ups are the most effective way to engage more users and provide them with a right direction if used properly. For example, you have posted a blog on Facebook marketing. Add a creative pop up for your newsletter of a free course video on creating Facebook ads. Needless to say, this CTA will surely direct your consumers to the right way.

Join Relevant Social Media Group

Do you want to increase the organic reach for your contents? If yes, then there is an effective way to do that. There are numerous Facebook groups that can be relevant to your industry or product. Join those groups and post on the group timeline. Take part in the conversation too. It will not only increase the organic reach of the content but will also add more value to your brand.

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So, now as you know about these four amazing growth hacks for your Content Marketing Campaign, what are you waiting for? Incorporate them into your plan and reach greater heights of success. If you need any experts’ inputs, then Request a Quote to get respond immediately. We are waiting to hear from you.

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