When is SaaS based Software a Right Choice for your Business?

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When is SaaS based Software a Right Choice for your Business?

The world of technology is moving ahead at a hurried pace, and moving alongside are the business processes and models.

It is vital for the entrepreneurs and businesses to take the right decisions in order to sustain and succeed in the market.

The business owners need to focus more and more on the core competencies and less on the administrative or expendable jobs.

Cloud computing solutions such as Software as a Service (Saas) lets businesses work on the forefront of software with increased efficiency and lesser costs.

Being in the software development industry, we frequently get to hear questions like “what is SaaS?” And “how does it differ from the traditional model?”

When is SaaS based Software a Right Choice for your Business?

So, before we begin to discuss when should you opt for a SaaS-based software, let us quickly see the answers to these questions.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model of delivering web based applications as a service over the internet. You don’t need to install and manage the software on your own hardware and system, instead, you just need an internet connection and a web browser to access and use the application online using any device.

The software vendor hosts and maintains the servers, databases, and the codes and thus you get free from the complex hardware and software management tasks.

When is SaaS based Software a Right Choice for your Business?

Unlike the traditional model where you purchase an on-premise software through a recurrent license in addition to the 15 to 20 percent fees for the support, SaaS model requires you to pay a monthly or an annual subscription fee, which generally includes the fees for maintenance, software licenses, and other offerings.

The SaaS model reduces the cost of ownership of your software infrastructure, totally cuts down the time and resources spent on its maintenance, and considerably improves efficiency and productivity.

When should you choose SaaS for your Business?

Here are the situations when you can decide to go ahead and choose the SaaS based software for your business.

You want Reduced Application Costs

When is SaaS based Software a Right Choice for your Business?

If you do not want your capital expenditure to soar high by spending big bucks on hardware, maintenance staff and other infrastructure then SaaS is the right choice for you.

Getting a big room for setting up servers, hardware and other systems, maintenance, etc. attract enormous sums in costs and SaaS saves you from all of that. It lets you pay a significantly lower subscription amount and forget about all other factors which can add to your worries.

You want Time-Efficiency & Improved Performance

The time consumed in the deployment of SaaS solutions is almost nil when compared to the time taken to in deploying an on-premise system.

Changes, updates, and customizations are smooth and quick, even if they are to be arranged across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions.

This lets your team invest more time operating in the right areas which in turn improves their performance and productivity.

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You want Flexibility & Scalability

When is SaaS based Software a Right Choice for your Business?

For any business endeavoring to reach the next level and compete in the bigger market, flexibility is an imperative factor.

SaaS is a cloud-based system, and hence it is highly flexible and scalable when it comes to application additions, upgrades, integration with other similar systems, etc. There is absolutely no need to buy new servers or software for these purposes.

You want the Latest Features & Updates

When you want your employees to be more productive and efficient, being up to date is very important.

Upgrades in the business application, adding the latest features and applying updates are a duck soup in case of SaaS and take an incredibly small amount of time. Also, all updates and customizations are future compatible.

You don’t want a middle ground in Securing your Data

The data is hosted on the cloud, and backed-up by the service provider under the SaaS system and thus it is generally more secure.

When is SaaS based Software a Right Choice for your Business?

In case of a security emergency that hits the server, most data stay secure on the servers and the database of the SaaS provider.

Also, in case if an employee using a personal device suffers data loss, the data is kept secured on the cloud instead of the employee’s device.

You don’t want to engage in Maintenance & Administration

Maintaining and administering physical servers, hardware, and software can be a tedious process, and the process takes up a lot of time, money, and energy.

With the amount of time and energy (and of course money) you save you can focus them onto bringing in more innovation and building upon your core business competencies.

You don’t have ample Space for Servers & Hardware

When is SaaS based Software a Right Choice for your Business?

For building an on-premise system, a lot of space is needed for setting up servers, network hardware, and keeping an in-house IT team.

You also need to have enough additional space for factors such as air conditioning, ventilation, dust & humidity resistance equipment, wiring, etc.


Due to the number of advantages it has, the SaaS model is in high demand. On the other hand, traditional business applications are slowly fading out from the picture.

Quick deployability, the wide range of capacities, lower costs, and significantly lower risks has made SaaS solutions the first choice for many business managers and entrepreneurs.

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