We Are Still Hiring Amid the Lockdown. But How?

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We Are Still Hiring Amid the Lockdown. But How?

The world is going through a really difficult time right now. Business processes around the globe have slowed down, and many small and medium businesses have taken a big hit. The world economy is in a state of shock.

Like all other businesses, the IT sector is also facing the severe consequences of the downfall of the businesses and trade. To cope with the present situation and to make it through this hard time, most of the businesses are adopting or planning to adopt the process of cost-cutting.

So, is it reasonable to continue hiring and recruiting new resources in this situation?

For us, well, it’s a Yes.

Brainium stands still & strong. We are committed to facing this challenge while we protect and grow the Brainium family and keep delivering the best to our clients.

We do not want to miss out on delivering more and better, and for that, we need more people on board.

That’s the reason we have decided to continue our hiring process and by far it is going great. Let’s take a dig into how we are doing it to help you get a better picture.

Online or Virtual Interview

Though online interviews over skype or WebEx are nothing new, usually in the hiring process, at least one round of interviews is done face to face. Right now, as there is no scope at all for any face to face interaction, we have shifted the entire process to Skype.

Document Verifications

This is a very tricky part of the hiring process. Brainium always gives extra attention to the proper vetting of documents and thorough background verification of every candidate. But our HR team is on top of everything to ensure a smooth hiring and recruitment process. They are taking the scanned copies of all the necessary documents and verifying them with utmost care to avoid any discrepancies.

Virtual Joining

Not only the interviews but also a virtual joining process has been practiced and established. About twenty new resources have joined Brainium within since the beginning of the lockdown. All of them have been introduced to their respective managers and teams, given the necessary accesses and needed software and hardware support. All the new joiners are comfortable working from home.

Despite the efficiency and hard work our HR team is putting in running the process smoothly, they have been facing some challenges too.


The Challenges

There are obviously some challenges that come along with online hiring and recruitment. Here are some that we face:

1. Sometimes candidates don’t turn up to join after they have made it through the interviews, hence lowering the interview to joining ratio, needless to say that it increases pressure on the hiring team.

2. The documents need to be verified more carefully than usual, as only a scanned soft copy is available for reference. We have hence, put in place a high-end verification tool and process to minimize any red flags.

3. The candidates and their skills need to be screened more carefully as they are not available in person. For example, the interviews for technical positions require a need for pen and paper, however, due to lack of it, we have to use different interactive tools to engage the candidate for technical questions.

These are some of the challenges that are coming on our way, but we believe the more challenges we face, the stronger we emerge.

As a company, we believe in standing strong together and overcoming all the hurdles coming our way. The time is tough, but we are happy to welcome new members to the Brainium Family.

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