Top 4 Frameworks to Build Your Hybrid App Successfully

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Top 4 Frameworks to Build Your Hybrid App Successfully

A hybrid app offers the developers a lot of freedom and ease in terms of developing and designing. Since hybrid apps offer much scope of business too, it is becoming the favorite of many brands quickly. If you are yet to know what is called a hybrid app, then you must know that this is currently in vogue.

When every user gets irritated with the memory space that a native app occupies and often uninstalls the app to make space for more data in the device, hybrid apps give the users an ease of accessing the app without even downloading them. These apps run on the main platform without any extra effort of the OS. If you are a brand and planning to offer a super functional option to the users, then developing hybrid apps can be the right thing for you. On one hand, it will run perfectly on Android as well as on iOS; on the other, the codes can be reused for progressive web applications as well as for desktop apps.

Now, if you are already considering developing a hybrid app, then you must know about the frameworks which will help you build such an app and provide your visitors with highly functional user experience while using the app. Here, we have put together top four frameworks for you. Have a look.


Xamarin is a California based software company, owned by Microsoft. Their tool and framework can be perfect to create a high definition app that can run on any platform. While developing the app, you can use Xamarin tool with C# codebase and write a native app for Android, iOS and Windows app and share the code across multiple platforms. In fact, Xamarin enables your app to run on MacOS too. This is surely a top framework for hybrid app development as it helps the developer save time in terms of utilizing abilities, tools, teams, and code.


If you are looking for the most popular cross-platform framework, then PhoneGap is the right option for you. With this framework, you can easily reuse the existing web development skills to design and develop hybrid apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for different and multiple platforms.  The best part of it is that you can use single code base to develop the app for all OS possible.

Intel XDK

Are you planning to build an app that will be content-rich, interactive, responsive and can run on any device? If yes, the Intel XDK should be your choice. It has a complete range of tools that support development, emulation, testing, debugging and publishing. With the recent changes, they have made the framework capable to develop HTML5 apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 UAP. In fact, they have recently included the capability to develop IoT apps too. While developing the app, you will get a preview of the connected device. With the easy drag and drop approach, it makes the app development easier for you.

Framework 7

If you are looking for a free open source mobile HTML work to develop hybrid mobile apps, then you must choose Framework 7. In fact, it is the only framework that offers you prototyping apps tool that can show working app prototypes the moment you need it during development. This framework gives you an opportunity to create apps for iOS and Android with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The unique features that this framework offers are:-

  • Native scrolling,
  • Library agnostic,
  • Pages transition animation,
  • Multiple views support,
  • Hardware accelerated animations via CSS3,
  • Route pages by using the combination of XHR,
  • Caching, browser history and preloading.

So, now as you know about these frameworks, start working on your Hybrid app. If you are looking for professional help, then come to us now. Give us a call at 713-489-0845 (USA, CAN) | (02)-9191-2621 (AUS) | (0)-203-514-2412 (UK) and let’s give your users a remarkable experience together.

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