Things That Went Viral In 2020 (except COVID-19)

Viral Posts in 2020

Things That Went Viral In 2020 (except COVID-19)

Apart from the deadly pandemic, let’s have a look at the other things that went viral this year.

Times Magazine has dubbed 2020 as the ‘The Worst Year Ever’ and no wonder, the whole world will agree to it. The global outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the entire mankind. From personal to professional, people have seen and accepted immense changes in their lives. Most of the IT companies across the globe have moved to remote work, innumerable people lost their jobs and uncountable people lost their lives starting from celebrities to commoners.

Apart from the Coronavirus pandemic, the Australian bushfires, Beirut explosion, and the West Coast wildfires are the other major happenings of the year that have taken innumerable lives and contributed to the list of bad memories of the year. It is a fact undeniable that each and every human being across the globe is waiting for this year to end hoping the new year comes with something good for mankind. However, standing at the fag end of this ‘worst’ year, let’s have a look at some of the things that went viral on the internet and managed to bring a smile to our faces.

The ‘Binod’ Meme

Viral Posts in 2020

Memes have been trending on social media platforms for quite some time now and memers do not leave a single opportunity to create new memes be it with some celebrities or serials or real-life happenings. The famous ‘Binod’ meme of the year appeared out of nowhere and burst the internet with its nonsensical reference that almost everyone started getting. It emerged from a viral YouTube video about the kinds of comments that are being dropped on the video-sharing platform and quickly became a movement of its own with separate brands still riding the surge.

Dalgona Coffee & Banana Bread

Viral Posts in 2020

Dalgona coffee and banana bread were the experiments of choice for those seeking to stay sane indoors in the early days of the coronavirus lockdown in India. All turned into five-star chefs immediately, brewing up cups of Dalgona esthetic coffee and a loaf of banana bread to go along with it. And nobody failed to post a picture of their creativity on the social media platform fearing if the world doubts their talent. So, dalgona coffee and banana bread were trending for quite some time.

Seema Aunty from Mumbai

Viral Posts in 2020

Netflix Originals presented us with Indian Matchmaking that introduced us to Seema Aunty, aka ‘Seema from Mumbai,’ and the internet went crazy over her for quite some time. As memes that will stay popular forever, her dialogues from the reality show flooded the internet and kept the viewers glued to the show.

The Famous Mashup “Rasode Mein Kaun Tha?”

Viral Posts in 2020

Serials often give us many reasons to laugh and crack jokes or create memes by their weird storyline. But, the mashup of a scene from the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya by social media user Yashraj Mukhate created waves on the internet in September 2020 like never before. He sent us several other viral mashups since then, but none could match the popularity of ‘Rasode mein kaun tha?’ Mashup, which created many funny memes.

The Comeback of Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali, with the most unique voice and the favorite of every 90’s kid, made an unanticipated comeback when he posted a video of himself playing ‘O Sanam’ on Instagram. The singer of the 1990s seemed visibly aged, but the sweetness of his voice remained unchanged. A video of Lucky Ali performing the song in Goa was also posted by actor Nafisa Ali Sodhi soon after he himself posted his video. Although the latter may have caused some controversy over the gathering of people without masks amid the pandemic, his comeback is really appreciated.

Navika on Internet Slang

When she translated the word “imma bounce” to mean a bounced cheque, journalist Navika Kumar became the butt of several jokes in August 2020. It was highly hilarious and tickled our funny bones to see a journalist behaving in such a weird manner over national television. Also, it is not an unknown fact that Navika Kumar has given enough materials to the memers who made her an evergreen meme.

Diljit Clashed With Alexa

Diljit Dosanjh has been quite trending on the internet this year. His video in which he had an argument with Alexa went viral and left the world in laughing fits.

Safe Hands Challenge

With the global outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, several internet users participated in the Safe Hands Challenge to spread awareness among people about the pandemic. People around the world have emphasized constantly washing one’s hands alongside the use of hand sanitizer. In an effort to inspire individuals to adopt hygienic hand washing procedures to address the outbreak, the World Hand Organisation (WHO) launched the social media initiative #SafeHands challenge. Celebrities, including Hima Das, Sachin Tendulkar, and others, also participated in the viral trend. 

#MeAt20 challenge 

The quarantine period made people take up several challenges on social media out of fun and the #MeAt20 challenge is one of them. Many Twitter users took the ‘When I was 20 challenge’ and looked back on their younger days. Netizens came up with amusing captions and reminisced about the ‘golden age’ of youth. This challenge went viral across the globe and many celebrities participated in it and went down memory lane reliving their childhood days.

The Challenge ‘Have Your Ever Bingo’

Social network users compared their life experiences in the ‘Have Your Ever Bingo’ challenge. Using a template, they have filled up everything they have done or have not done in their lives. They tick-mark the usual stuff and events that have happened to them to date. They also tagged a few individuals from their family, acquaintances, or colleagues to take part in this challenge.

Final Words

Life on Earth has been very different this year because of the Covid pandemic in every way. From our comfortable lives, our near and dear ones, our mental and physical health to our financial security – it has adversely affected us in each and every sphere of our daily lives. Taking away our normal lives, this year has forced us to accept the new normal. Given the improvements in lifestyle that the pandemic has brought about, it is really exciting and interesting to understand exactly what people did to keep themselves occupied, especially all the innovative challenges and viral trends that gave us an opportunity to try new hobbies and also watch others do what they enjoy. This also ensures we bid adieu to 2020 on a slightly happier note and welcome the new year hoping for some good news.

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