Saraswati Puja at Brainium – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Saraswati Puja at Brainium – A Walk Down Memory Lane
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Saraswati Puja at Brainium – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Going back a few years, Brainites took the initiative to perform Saraswati Puja within Brainium office premises. Those were the days when there were two corporate offices, one at Elliot Road  and the other at Sector V. Though the idea was noble and a great occasion to congregate all employees, the planning and execution of the same was a bit of a challenge.

Puja Prep & the Case of the Purohits

Firstly, the team had to ensure the puja happened in both the offices. To make that a reality, there was need for two Purohits. Arranging a purohit at the office location early in the morning was a challenge. Hence, every one felt it best if a couple of members within team volunteered to double up as purohits for that day. 

Dhiman Chakraborty and Tonmoy Chatterjee graciously volunteered to do the needful. Dhiman was designated as the purohit for the Sector V office and Tonmoy for the Elliot Road office. With both the purohits in place the next course of action was to create separate teams for different activities, like:

1. Procurement of various puja items (Idols, fruits, breakfast for all, etc.)

2. Arrangement of food packets

3. Volunteers to purchase all items 

4. Volunteers to cut fruits for the prasad 

5. Volunteers to help the purohits and decorate the idol, along with the puja area.

Since it was a working day all arrangements had to be done as early as possible. The target was to complete the puja and related activities by 10.30 AM so the team could get back to work on time. 

It was a well coordinated effort by all volunteers, and everything was taken care of on time. There were some items that were not purchased, such as the consecrated utensils for puja and the Aarti. But, people happily pitched in (including both purohits) and lent the items for a day. 

Day of the Puja

On the day of the Puja, all volunteers reached office quite early in the morning, to take care of the last-minute arrangements, like cutting the fruits, and likewise. The ambiance in both offices lit up with genuine enthusiasm among the Brainites. 

All who wanted to participate in Anjali arrived way before time and helped with the arrangements. Everyone took active participation and made the small puja occasion, one of grandeur and pure joy. 

Special credit definitely goes to the coders turned purohits, who even though didn’t know the mantras by heart and had to read them from the Panchali, did that with utmost dedication and devotion. But that’s what matters when it comes to a Puja, right?!  

The Brainities came decked up in their traditional attire, while Tonmoy and Dhiman transformed into purohits. Thanks to both of them, the puja was done perfectly, abiding by all rituals. But, thanking Tonmoy and Dhiman alone for the event would be an injustice to the rest of the Brainites because everyone did their bit to make it a grand success. A big hi-five to all of them!

The pictures of the event catch the essence of the puja very well.

Our Brainium Family

The family concept of building Brainium felt real that day. The vision of behind laying the foundation of Brainium stemmed from the desire to foster a large and happy family. Over the years the management has tried to inculcate a culture of extra-curricular activities for better engagement within the team. Its stark opposite of the formal corporate picture. The initiative of Saraswati Puja had been one of those attempts. 

Many might question why we don’t perform Saraswati Puja now. Well, for the last couple of years Brainium’s primary objective has been business growth, which led to minimal Employee Engagement Programs. The COVID-19 pandemic was another hurdle that prevented the management from arranging too many group activities, citing safety of the Brainites. But things are looking much better in that area at the moment.   

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Wrapping It Up!

Hopefully, our Brainium family will be able to execute more extracurricular activities in the near future, through cooperation and volunteering by Brainites. 

Wrapping this up with a small prayer, on the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja, 

“May the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, grant us the serenity to accept things that cannot be changed, bless us with courage to change the things within our potential, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Wishing All Brainites a Joyful Saraswati Puja with Family and Friends. 

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