Resources That Help You Design Stunning Mobile Apps

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Resources That Help You Design Stunning Mobile Apps

The design is an integral part of your app. An app that fails to appeal visually isn’t likely to find too many takers. Thousands of apps are deleted immediately after installation, even before users get to their functionality. It is often a poor design that results in the parting Good Bye. A well-designed app, on the other hand, creates the right impression and has the ability to script your success story. So, what does it take to come up with an inspiring app design? The answer is simple – ingenuity and use of right tools. Well, we can’t help you with the former but in terms of tools, here are some of the best resources that you can use.

  • TETHR – iOS developers swear by it. TETHR offers more than hundred fully customizable templates and over 250 components that can be easily incorporated into your design. If you are an iOS developer this is one tool that you can rest your trust on.
  • Lookback – Wondering how people see and use your app? Want to improve its UX and take it to the next level? This is the perfect one for you. It offers deep insights into creating seamless designs that strike a chord with your users. It also lets you track bugs which are a big bonus.
  • Pttrns – Again one for iOS developers, it comes with a library of near 3000 iPad and iPhone user-interface patterns. Used by hundreds of thousands of developers it is the most sought after design inspiration platform in the community.
  • Android App Patterns – This tool is quite similar to the one we have just talked about and is specific to the Android community. Here you will find access to hundreds of design inspiration across multiple app categories. You can also take inspiration from screenshots of the most popular apps on Google Play.
  • iOS Fonts – Fonts define two important things for your app – readability, and professionalism. If it’s a pain to read the text on your app you have already given users a reason to uninstall it. Similarly, fonts also tell a lot about professionalism. If you create a healthcare app using fancy fonts, you may not send out the right signals. With iOS Fonts, you will be able to preview the fonts on your app as you type them in the preview box.
  • Unsplash – The power of graphics for an app needs no introduction and this tool would offer you access to hundreds and thousands of stock photographs to use on your app and microsites (if you intend to create them). All images are copyright free and you can use as many as you want.
  • App Icon Template – Icons can make or kill your app. Think of your favorite apps and you would be able to instantly recall their iconic icons! And with the help of this Photoshop resource, you can create the most stunning icons for Android and iOS. The tool offers you a host of editing options and the auto-rendering feature would size the icons based on the standards of Android and iOS.

Make use of these resources and you will be on track to create the most beautiful mobile app that entices your audience.

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