iOS App Store Optimization Tips – How to Make Your App Grow

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iOS App Store Optimization Tips – How to Make Your App Grow

Figure this, by the time you finish reading through this article, 3 new apps would have been released on the iOS app store. An estimated 6000 to 7000 apps are released every week. And the median download for iOS app stands at 1000 with more than 95% of the apps not seeing more than 1000 downloads one year into their release. When you take into account these stats you would realize that the odds of success for an app are pretty much low after all the hard work that goes into conceiving and developing one. But the good news is you can beat these odds when you follow a sound app marketing strategy. So, here we take a look at some of the things that you can do to make your iOS app grow in the App Store.

# Optimize Title and Keywords       
If you are on Facebook, people would search for your app using the brand keyword. In most other cases they would search using keywords that define the function of your app. In fact close to 65% of app downloads can be attributed to a user search for a specific niche. It is estimated that apps that use relevant keywords in their title rank almost 11% higher compared to apps that don’t follow this strategy.  Apple App Store offers you 100 characters and you can use relevant keywords in the title to increase your visibility. For instance, if you are releasing a contact management app, you can use a title like ‘XYZ Contact Management App’ as this will help improve your visibility.

# App Description
This is something that many app developers take lightly and thereby, miss the opportunity of attracting potential users. Write a crisp description of your app where you describe its features and more importantly talk about its USP and how it can better experience for the users. You can write a long description but only five lines would be visible to the users at the first look. So, you must make the best use of these five lines to write a persuasive description that would immediately arouse the right kind of interest in the minds of your target audience.

# Design Impressive Icon  
Impressive icons help increase the chances of downloads when you are up against the intense competition on the app store. An impressive icon would make your app stand apart from the crowd. It must be eye-catching and clutter free in order to immediately strike a chord with your audience. Try and use bright color shades as they tend to grab more attention compared to ones that have lighter shades of color.

# Inspiring Screenshots that Stir Interest
Though screenshots won’t directly impact your rankings but these can definitely play a vital role in attracting more downloads. It is often said “seeing is believing” and you can stir the right kind of interest in the minds of users by posting impressive screenshots. Apple app store allows you to post 5 screen shots and you must make sure the screen shots you post best describe your app and also make users aware of its USPs.

# Get Rated and Reviewed
The ‘stars’ on your app matter more than you think and this is where you should always work towards getting rated and attracting positive reviews. Provide an option to your existing users so that they can easily rate and write reviews for your app. Always insist on feedback and make sure the users are informed about the steps you have taken on their feedback as this can help increase loyalty towards your app.

As you can clearly see, all these steps won’t require you to think out-of-the-box but you have to make minor adjustments regarding how your app is listed on the App Store. When these small things are executed it can go a long way in helping your app grow in the competitive marketplace.

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