How Does Social Media Help SEO?

social media helps seo
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How Does Social Media Help SEO?

At present, 45% of the global population engages in social networks. Since there has been a rise in social media users by 9% within a year, the figure is likely to go up. For this very reason, the professionals have found, social media helps SEO and attracts more users.

As Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become an integral part of human lives, it can contribute to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) now. Even though it was a subject of debate only a few years, the appearance of social media pages on search engines is hard to overlook. Moreover, the link between SEO and social media marketing goes deeper than you think.

These two strategies play an impeccable role in increasing brand awareness. However, it still is a concern to many, how social media attention can better SEO. Of course, there are certain important practices to keep in mind. Read on to know how Facebook or other sites can improve your page ranking.

Finding the Link between SEO and Social Media

In 2014, Google has been vocal about the relationship not leaving a huge impact, directly. However, the social sites are not a direct ranking factor for the search engines; they still can boost up the ranking factors. And, this starts with sharing which only keeps the rankings higher.

The social sharing feature is the root of improving the visibility of a page. And, when your content is shared on social media, the number of people linking to it is always noteworthy.

social media helps seo

Social sharing is the root of improving visibility

Therefore, if something is going viral on Facebook, Google can crawl the link to leave that back in the search result. The social media accounts are responsible for high search rank while the published links can be treated as authentic back-links. They improve the page’s position on Google.

For instance, when your content is shared across Facebook for thousand times, your enterprise may secure one of the top positions in the search engine. The search engines; especially Google, can crawl the social media sites for information in a similar way as it does every other site.

Web Content Optimization and Social Media Shares

Optimizing web content for increasing web traffic is one of the supreme SEO practices. Now, when you are posting an optimized content on the website (utilizing headlines, relevant copy, keywords, and call-to-action), you are sharing it on the Facebook page, too.

Don’t forget to use the images in the right way. An eye-catching picture on social media feed grabs the users’ attention in a second. In addition to it, the share option under the content title often encourages people to share the content on their profiles.

Creating and Improving Brand Awareness

The relation between search performance and brands is found while increasing organic search ranking. Users do not have to enter a search query or visit your business web page but they can see the brand name multiple times.

Social media marketers can easily target audience by sharing useful content. Additionally, they can interact with them on the page. There are now ‘Sponsored Posts’ and ‘Paid Advertisements’ which reach out to a large scale of targeted audience.

social media helps seo
Targeting the Right Audience is imperative

If you are replying to the people’s reviews, getting a hang of the local marketing and publishing contents regularly, you are maximising SEO advantages. On Twitter, use the chat option to entice more consumers.

As mentioned earlier how the use of social network is in high demand, you have to be very active with your followers. So, social media helps SEO when it engages local users by promoting business involvements in local events. Or, the brands can use the local companies with shared value, ideas, and beliefs through guest blogging, arranging live sessions, sharing important news.

Using Promotional Features

YouTube videos appear on the search engine to provide proper information. So, the role of YouTube requires special mention because it is one of the most used search engines.

Here, the search queries are not commercially driven but the video sharing platform is essential in influencing SEO performance. You can make videos with brand links which successfully garner organic ranks on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

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Of course, beware of two things – the consumers must be active on social media and the video content should be relevant to your audience. The engagement becomes quite challenging when it comes to the business-to-business campaigns.

Thus, try to create something humorous and little different from the technical service (you are offering). People use the media for entertainment and the approach should make them ponder about your brand, later on.


On an average scale, people spend 2.5 hours on social networking sites; the marketers are following the holistic approach to growing the number of followers. The more followers there are, the better the words can get out. So, the social media marketing campaigns have become widely used SEO strategies providing a unique experience to the users.

They can improve their page rank and influence online marketing outcome. The social media signals will become powerful when the posts are worth sharing. Hence, social media helps SEO and increases the benefits widely.

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