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How custom mobile app development can boost your business growth in 2023?

Mobile App Development

How custom mobile app development can boost your business growth in 2023?

Every business is going digital these days. Once pretty unthinkable, almost all of the brands are running for mobile app development or web development for their company. As more than 88% of mobile time is spent on apps, companies tend to build software with ready-to-go platforms to find fast solutions.

Unfortunately, these techniques do work for a short period of time but fail in the long run. Application software with off-the-rack platforms does not represent your brand’s USP. They don’t match the exact requirement of the business, failing to resonate with the audience.

A user would spend more time on an application that has better UI and UX which is possible with custom mobile application development.

You see, the number of mobile app downloads each year has increased with a spike in 2022 due to the pandemic. Statistics shows, there is a 55% jump between 2016 and 2020 in mobile app downloads globally.

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Thus, the competition and expectations are higher than what it was a few years back. Customizing a mobile app with a promising agency like ours can be a powerful instrument for your employees, brand awareness, and business growth as a whole.

What entails custom mobile app development?

Although the name is pretty self-explanatory, custom mobile app development entails building apps specifically catered to your business. Sometimes, custom apps can be fully tailored or partially, largely depending on the resources and target audience of your business.

Custom apps can provide all the features and functionalities an off-the-shelf app cannot. Most successful businesses have customized mobile applications. Sometimes, businesses do work on a partially tailor-made application where they use some functionalities and features of a ready-to-make application.

Why you should opt for a custom-made mobile app for your business?

One of the primary advantages of off-the-shelf mobile application is the fact that it is affordable. They are quicker to deploy. So, it makes sense why young entrepreneurs opt for ready-to-launch apps.

When we talk about custom mobile app development, it ensures:

  • A platform that entirely matches your business goals, vision, and aesthetic. It is not something that you “settle for”.
  • Scalability is a given factor with tailored apps. It helps your business to grow.
  • The design, content, and themes are aligned with your brand which helps with better customer acquisition.
  • Custom apps offer more security which can be a major concern for many people.
  • You have a smooth and seamless third-party integration.

The functionalities of any mobile app highly depend on per-user behavior which helps the users to be attracted towards a particular service. Customization offers exclusivity to the users which increases your business productivity by 46%. 

Let’s talk in detail about the benefits.

Enhances Scalability of Your Business

Regular apps are usually built to entertain a limited number of resources. It’s okay if you are just in the beginning stages of your business, however, these platforms cannot handle bigger loads of data.

Custom mobile app development companies keep these parameters in mind even before starting the project. You can easily scale up your business when you need. Higher scalability would allow you to form a better customer acquisition model.

While some off-the-shelf apps do provide customizations in terms of features, plugins, and themes, most of them lack in scalability and support that custom applications can provide. Custom apps can easily adapt to the growing need of your business.

Offers Better Security

Data and information are the lifelines for any digital business. With data breaches becoming a topic of concern among big companies these days, it is significant to make sure you are implementing the right security system for your platform.

Your platform would host different customer information including personal data, bank details, passwords, etc. Building a custom-made application would allow you to modify security measures specifically to suit your business. For example, if you are an eCommerce platform, there would be a high threat to the bank details of your customers. With tailor-made apps, you can eliminate these threats via data encryption, payment modes, etc.

Better Ownership of Your Property

With an off-the-shelf application platform, you don’t know the source code. In fact, there is a huge chance that many businesses, some of them might be your competitors are using the same source code.

You don’t have any right over these codes as well. When you are investing thousands of dollars in your digital platform, you should have the intellectual right to the property.

Custom-built mobile applications use customized source codes, so you don’t need to worry about other businesses using the same source code. You can also make integration with other applications.

Provides Mobility and Flexibility for The Business

A mobile app that doesn’t have high portability is useless.

Today, adaptability is an indispensable need that happens when you make custom software for your business. Portability allows you to increase your range of target customers.

These days businesses are rolling out innovative solutions. With pre-made applications, you get the same old features that don’t meet your requirement. Opting for a custom application programming interface is an effective and strategic move to achieve your business goals in the long run.

Emphasizes Competitive Advantage

Startups need to have a competitive edge in the market to stand out. Unfortunately, there are no unique ideas anymore. Hence, the best chance is to market and find solutions that would give you the seat before anyone else.

Custom application software is another factor that helps you to get a competitive advantage in the market. A fully customized mobile application is a window for you to present your brand exclusively—adding functions, features, and plugins to make the app better than anyone else.

How can we help?

According to reports, 21% of millennials open an app more than 11 times a day. But there are also thousands of apps waiting in the app store. You need a custom mobile app development company that understands who you are selling to and how to sell it to them.

Mobile applications come in a lot of forms. There is React Native, Flutter App, Native iOS, etc., each one having specific features and specialties. At Brainium, we have been developing mobile application software for over 13 years. We understand how to create a business-friendly mobile app for different businesses, ensuring high security and carefully planned design.

A flexible, secure, and scalable mobile application is a must for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and make a mark in the cut-throat competitive market.

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