5 Factors That Keep Users Glued to Your App

Factors That Keep Users Glued to Your App
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5 Factors That Keep Users Glued to Your App

Mobile apps have fundamentally changed every aspect of our lives. From making a grocery list, ordering foods, and purchasing your favorite dress to checking your account balances and communicating with others, there is an app for everything.

Irrespective of what you want or need to do; everything is simply at your fingertips. As Chris Morris, a specialist to CNBC has rightly said, “Technology has improved and streamlined our day-to-day activities, disrupting the status quo and making things easier.”

If you take a look at the rapidly increasing number of mobile apps that are getting developed every day across the globe, you will realize the demand and popularity of it in the current market.

However, the huge number of apps available in app stores on all OS doesn’t mean that all of these apps are going to stay in the market in the long run.

In fact, most of the apps get uninstalled just after a day or two of installation. Wondering, what is the reason behind it? Well, not being competent enough to provide a value-oriented service to the consumers is the main reason for such debacle of many apps.

Factors That Keep Users Glued to Your App

If you are thinking, how you will be able to make sure that doesn’t happen to your app too then, you need to have some features in your app that can not only attract your consumers but also, keep them glued to it.

So, what are the features that make an app a successful one?

Take a look at the following points to know about the features that will keep the customers glued to the app.

1. A Rich Experience

To attract and to retain the attention of the consumer in the current market, you need to offer your consumers something that they cannot find elsewhere on the internet. Yes, they are looking for a richer experience that no other app can give them.

Factors That Keep Users Glued to Your App

Currently, most of the business owners are developing an app just for the sake of it. But, offering duplicate experience through the app is actually hampering their brand image. And, by the time they realize it, it already becomes too late.

So, make sure you don’t commit the same mistake. Come up with something new, fresh, and crisp ideas that appeal to the consumers immediately.

2. A Personalized Touch

If you can convey the message that you care about your consumers through your app, you have already won half of the battle. Yes, when your consumers are tired of specifying what he/she needs on the internet for umpteenth times, your app can provide them with a personalized experience.

Though it is quite difficult to make such an experience the central focus for your app, yet, it is worth trying. Including demographic, location, and your consumer’s behavior in the personalization process can make things easier for you as well.

Browsing or purchase history, finding a location, and maximum searches can help you judge what your individual consumers are looking for.

3. Friendly/Easy Interface and Navigation

Another factor that can keep the users glued to your app is a great User Interface (UI).

People don’t have time for rocket science when they are tapping on the app icon on their Smartphone screen. If the app opens with a relatively complex interface that makes them concentrate harder then, they are going to close the app immediately.

Factors That Keep Users Glued to Your App

Difficult navigation through the app can easily make the app unattractive to the users no matter what the end result is. Make sure you are providing them with at least that ease of using your app.

4. Quickness is the Key

In today’s fast-paced world of technology, speed is everything. And when it comes to mobile devices, an average smartphone user expects an app to open within 1 second. So, until your app has a high speed to offer, forget about attract the customers to your app.

If your app is not speedy, none of the features in the app are going to work in your favor and you can never hold your customers.

So, if your app is not fast, it is time to optimize it to reduce payload, size, compress images, and cut down the unnecessary features of your app. All these help speed up the functionality of your app.

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5. Keep Refreshing

Change is inevitable, so use it to your advantage by updating your app regularly. Changing the look and feel of your app will keep your users engaged all the time. Their curiosity to find something new and exciting will hold your audience to your app. Small changes, such as changing the fonts of your app, the color of the button, or a part of the content, can make a big impact.

Factors That Keep Users Glued to Your App

However, too many constant changes can bug the user. So, make sure not to overdo it. For example, don’t keep updating if there is nothing new to offer to your users. Make small yet effective changes when required to increase engagement for your app.  

The first experience of your customer with the app is the most significant thing to consider. Keep your first impression in the green with an effective, user-friendly, and high-speed app. With proper management of features, a mobile app can prove to be a priceless asset for your company.

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