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Doing our part with a Free Medical Camp at Bantala

Doing our part with a Free Medical Camp at Bantala

Doing our part with a Free Medical Camp at Bantala

Brainium collaborated with Rotary Club, Kolkata to organize a free medical camp
on 6th August at Bantala, Old Market Primary School.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do whatever I can.”

Today, these words hit hard as society struggles to treat the poor and needy. As we age, we
start to depend on other people to take care of us. However, some unfortunate souls need
help from people other than their families to take care of them.

Thus, the responsibility falls upon us, the privileged ones to ensure that the deprived of
society get the help they need. Brainium takes this responsibility very seriously, prioritizing
people over success and money.

Every year, we take as many initiatives as possible to give back to society as a part of our
Corporate Social Responsibility Activity Program. This time it was a collaborative effort with
the Rotary Club to organize a free medical camp at Bantala, Old Market Primary School on
6 th August 2022.

Three of our members from the Brainium family, along with members from the Rotary Club
and an esteemed medical team started their journey around 10 AM. The goal was to set up
a camp for free health checkups and supply essential medicines to the older people of the
three surrounding villages in the area. Our estimate was to treat around 100 patients.

However, we got an overwhelming response from the people. We welcomed around 200
people, gave them medicines, and basic health checkups by qualified doctors. Moreover, we
distributed nutritious drinks and plants for this occasion.

The response made some of our employees very emotional. Most of these people have little
to no means of getting regular medical assistance. We hope that with our small help, some
of them can get better and take care of others in need.

One of the best parts of being associated with a company that provides health care benefits
to the needy and poor makes you appreciate it more. It was a very fulfilling experience for
everyone present in the health camp.

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