Brainium MD Sourav Sinha Shares Insights on MSME & Markets at the 79th SKOCH Indian Economic Forum

Brainium Co-Founder Sourav Sinha Shares Insights on MSME & Markets at the 79th SKOCH Indian Economic Forum
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Brainium MD Sourav Sinha Shares Insights on MSME & Markets at the 79th SKOCH Indian Economic Forum

In an insightful and invigorating session, graced with some of the biggest names in the economic and business domains of India, Sourav Sinha, the co-founder and MD of Brainium Information Technologies, presented his opinions and concerns on the existing conditions of the MSMEs and Markets. The panel discussion was included within the itinerary of the Indian Economic Forum and LITFest, 2022 at the 79th SKOCH Summit by SKOCH Group.

Headed and driven by Mr. Sameer Kocchar, Chairman of SKOCH Group, the panel included other stalwarts like,

  • Ajay Thakur, the Head of SME & Startup at BSE.
  • Deepali Pant Joshi, Distinguished Fellow, SKOCH, Former ED, RBI.
  • Rohit Vaswani, Member, Advisory Board, BVSS.
  • Tanvi T Auti, Managing Director, Dhruv Consultancy Services.
  • Kamya Chandra, Fellow, iSPIRIT Foundation.

Brainium’s Sourav Sinha was the voice, representing all MSME founders across the country. He shared his experience and insight on running a profit-making service-based MSME while talking about the hurdles, that the company had to overcome over the years in raising capital, especially during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

The online session started by addressing the legacy issues within the MSME financing domain. The speakers placed their views and experience on the difficulties that one faces while accessing easy credit. It is one of the prime reasons behind the lagging of the MSME sector in India, which is also the lifeblood of the business landscape.

The concerns over these issues have increased significantly amid COVID-19, and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis, which are stalling the supply chains, and hard-hitting the micro, small, and medium scale enterprises in India.

Mr. Kocchar mentioned a few areas of concern during the session:

  • Strict legacy banking regulations have failed to offer sufficient credit assistance to the country’s MSMEs.
  • Exceedingly low rate of market penetration on the part of the MSMEs caused by disruptive regulatory compliances.
  • Laggings in the appropriate implementation and modification of policies laid by the government and other financial institutions.
  • Informational, educational, and communication gaps have been keeping the MSMEs ignorant of the existing aids. It also prevents them from overcoming the hurdles related to compliances.

While, the other speakers placed forth their respective opinion on resolving these long-standing issues stunting the development of India’s MSME sector, Sourav Sinha, shared his thoughts saying,

“Brainium is a service-based MSME, which has been consistently making profits over the years. However, we have struggled in raising capital via equity and debt financing, mainly because we are not an asset-rich organization. Banks haven’t been of much help; hence we resorted to the private players within the financing sector. Although we could raise the capital through the markets, there was and still is a lack on the part of the government and the policy-makers to educate and inform the MSME entrepreneurs about the various available aids, for instance, the SME listing.”

He further added,

“However, I feel that gap can be bridged by initiating more online interactive seminars and training sessions.”

The forum on MSME & Markets was enriching and quite insightful that intended on helping companies within the Indian MSME sector to make use of SME listing and similar amenities to replenish their capital reserve instead of depending on traditional organizations and scale growth.

Check out the entire video on YouTube to gain insights from expert-speak on MSME and markets.

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